What to Wear: The Formal Evening Wedding

Here is the final installment of my series of what to wear to a wedding. As you can tell, formal evening weddings are by far my favourite! This is a proper dress-up opportunity. Formal evening weddings are usually held indoors and include dinner and dance. Naturally a dress that allows for easy movement  is required. Here I show you how to style four different looks.

Please comment if you are attending an event and want tips to know what to wear. I would love to help!

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What to Wear: The Casual Day Wedding

Some day weddings can seem more casual than others, depending on the theme, the venue and the time. These type of weddings call for a more relaxed style, whilst still showing respect for the occasion through small details.

This look would work very well for an outside barbecue or an Al Fresco affair in the afternoon. The bright colour paired down with the natural tones and weaves are perfect for summer. Add modern gold jewellery to finish the look.Take your opportunity to play with the latest trends. Simply take your pick: 50’s, pastels or lace. Why not combine all for a completely cute look that is sure to draw attention for all the right reasons.
Why not make like Catherine, Duchess of Camebridge, and go fashion literal. A beach wedding is the perfect opportunity to try the latest runway trend inspired by the ocean. Turquoise, seafoam and teal is the perfect colour combination.

PS : Remember to always wear flats, blocked heels or wedges to weddings taking place outside. There is nothing as unsophisticated as someone who doesn’t know when to abandon her stilettos.

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What to wear: The Informal Evening Wedding

As the days get longer, many are opting for chic evening weddings but steer away from the traditional sit down dinner indoors. This is your key to break the tradition and wear what makes you comfortable. Black is the easy option as it is never too fancy, but always classy enough.

This look is perfect for a garden ceremony with a cocktail reception as the shoes won’t sink into the grass and the chain strap of the bag frees your hands. The is comfort and classy at the same time, whilst still being traditional.

This look brakes tradition, is completely comfortable and doesn’t break the bank as it incorporates a few basic items. It would perfectly suit an outdoor spitbraai wedding where dancing is minimal.

The final look can be worn in church without shame and is equally comfortable for a slightly more traditional dinner, even if it is outdoors. The fit of the dress is purely office whilst the material allows it to be elevated to something more. Add a little extra bling and high heels to take this look out of the office.

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Wedding Style: The Formal Day Wedding

Wedding season has officially arrived! It’s that time of the year again and this year will be especially busy for me, so I though I should put together a few looks that are wedding appropriate.

To accomodate all the different types of weddings, I decided that I would create a different post for each type of wedding. I will start with what is most likely the most popular type of wedding in the beginning of the season: The Formal Day wedding.  These looks can be worn for chic brunches as well as your typical church wedding.

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