My favourite home decor trends



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Being a lover of all things classic, I typically find myself swooning at things like moulding, velvets and shaker styles when it comes to home interiors. Every now and again I do however find myself taking notice of newer trends, and following last year’s round up of my favourite trends I thought it would be a fun idea to see what tickles my fancy this time around.

Although I still love round mirrors, my love for indigo blues has waned and I now prefer a different shade of cerulean.

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Trends off the runway: The off-the-shoulder

I have been struggling to keep up to date this fashion month, but I’ve kept a firm eye on some of my favourite street style stars and one trend that has emerged that I totally love is the off-the-shoulder shirt or dress. Whilst its presence wasn’t completely absent  from fashion week, I really liked how these girls interpreted it in their own way. It proves that it doesn’t necessarily have to be hippy, it can even be sporty or girly! I can’t wait to try my hand at replicating that polka dot dress- LOVE it!

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Trend Report 2014: Part 2

trends p26. Learning Caligraphy: Calligraphy is no longer reserved solely for weddings. Due to the huge value we place on typography, it is no surprise that many want to learn Caligraphy as a hobby. Caligraphy sets make starting this somewhat daunting hobby a little simpler.

7. Carnations: Peonies have been everyone’s favourite flowers for years, but as most have to be imported from the Netherlands they aren’t an environmentally or pocket friendly option. Enter cost-friendly, all-year carnations. They come in a variety of colours (and can even be dyed a few unnatural ones) and are some of the most affordable options around. I think we will be seeing alot more of these flowers this coming year.

8. Sequins: Long have sequins been saved for eveningwear, but spangle has never been more appropriate for day wear. Why should you reserve your beloved spangly dress for the few hours after-dark when it can catch the sunlight during the day? Just remember to dress it down, unless you want to resemble a disco ball. I particularly love this Rebecca Taylor jacket for a transitional sequin item.

9. Moroccan Wedding Blankets: They look like Chanel Couture for you home, but instead these natural woven wool and cotton blankets often decorated with sequins and other trimmings are traditional blanket from Morocco. Drape it over your bed or couch for maximum effect.

10. Blush & Copper: While all shades of pastel are in vogue right now, none so can be more fashionable  than blush pink. Combine it with copper to give it some much needed edge and add contrasting mint green if you want an additional colour.

For pic credits and more inspirational images, visit my Pinterest page dedicated to 2014 Trends:

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Trend Report 2014: Part 1

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  1. Diamond Print: Diamond shapes have been printed onto everything from Duvet Covers, accessories and even as art. It is a fun and easy trend to try at home.
  2. Cakes: Everything from Naked cakes to crepe stacks will be on mark- as long as it is relatively easy to achieve without a pastry chef. That means no artistic butter cream roses and more  simple sprinkles and rustic frosting.
  3. Purple: Everything from violet to Radiant Orchid (Pantone colour of the year)… I think we will see this colour mostly in fashion and home decor accessories. Paired with neutral grey or Dazzling Blue (another Pantone favourite) this will surely liven up any room.
  4. Crystals: Whether you believe in mystical magic powers or not, crystals are the equivalent of bling for your home. And we all know that you can never have enough bling…  A large amethyst stone is also a easy way to incorporate purple in your home. These crystal candal holders from WestElm is both beautiful and functional.
  5. Organic Cosmetics: Brands such as Tarte in the US and Lush have finally managed to produce eco-friendly, natural cosmetics without sacrificing quality. I think 2014 will see more major cosmetic brands launching eco-friendly ranges to meet a larger demand therefore as people become more aware of the benefits.
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Style Icon: Ashley Madekwe

Ashley MadekweI love Ashley Madekwe’s style, both on-screen as the plotting Ashley on Revenge and even more so when she’s off-screen. Having worn two dresses from my favourite Monique Lhullier collection, it already qualified her as one to watch. The sequined Naeem Khan semented her as a style favourite and the off-duty Breton-top just confirmed that this isn’t just all the work of an amazing stylist. Ashley has the unique talent to make a classic LBD feel trendy and a daring trend , such as the plaid outfit, look sophisticated and wearable. This trend-setter is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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Trend: Fit and Flare Skirts

fit-and-flare-skirts-and-dressesL – R  1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Fit and flare skirts are all the rage right now, whether you choose to wear it as a drop waist dress or a mini skirt. There is a style that suits every figure. This style skirt is fitted over the waist and then usually flares from the thighs or above the knees. It is the perfect trans-seasonal piece as it would look equally good with tights as with tank tops. I can’t wait to find the perfect one. Are you equally excited?

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Black and White For Your Home

black and white interiors 1Image credits: L-R {1 , 2 , 3 , 4}

Monochrome is a major fashion trend at the moment, but have you considered bringing it into your home? It can easily be adjusted to suit any style whether modern or classic and instantly updates any room. The best way to incorporate the look is through accessories. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites below. If however you’re feeling more daring, why not paint an accent wall black? Remember that you should never use stark white and pure black, rather go with the darkest navy or charcoal and go slightly off-white. Otherwise the look will be too stark.

  1. black and white 2Large milk jug, Country Road from R44,25 available here.
  2. Bistro Bowl in black and white, Country Road from R14,25 available here. {this is the online price, but I’ve got a feeling the price is incorrect}
  3. Flared black and white striped mug, Woolworths from R16,95 available here.
  4. 4-Pack napkin pack, Country Road from R149 available here.
  5. Jeremiah cushion, Country Road from R249 available here.
  6. Black and white striped throw, Country Road from R224 available here.
  7. Black photo frame, Mr Price Home from R179,99 available here.
  8. Black photo frame, Mr Price Home from R99,99 available here.
  9. Dottie cotton knit throw, Weylandts from R695 available here.

Happy decorating!


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Cannes Film Festival Trend: Black & White

black and whiteThe Cannes Film Festival is usually known for opulent gowns and extravagance, but this year the black and white trend took over and made the entire event feel more simplistic. Everyone from Rooney Mara and Jennifer Lawrence in Dior to Emma Watson in Chanel and a slew of other stars went with the trend. There are two ways to approach the trend: either go classic with a red lip and classic jewels or minimalist with barely there make-up and jewelery for a more modern feel. This trend is one that can easily be recreated at home and can be adjusted to suit anyone’s lifestyle and budget. Just remember, less really is more!

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5 Easy Ways To Update Your Home

Here are my five easy ways to update your home that won’t break the bank.


geographical print

Image sources: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Include the latest trend in home decor in your home by adding a geographical printed carpet. It instantly updates any room. Alternatively you can incorporate the look with a few geographical cushions.


bookshelvesImage sources: 1 , 2 , 3

This is probably the easiest way to update your home. Spend time arranging your bookcase by colour to create a striking image. If screwing with your Dewy system isn’t your thing, why not turn few books on their sides like the last picture.


art walls

Image sources: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Create a focal wall to display your art. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Buy ready made frames and frame magazine cuttings, kid’s art and your favourite quotes. The more personal, the better.


metallic lamps

Image sources: 1 , 2 , 3

If you can only buy one item, make sure that is a large scale metallic lamp. It adds the perfect glamorous touch and won’t go out of fashion any time soon.


floating shelvesImage sources: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Finally, installing a few floating shelves can become the perfect display area for smaller accessories. Liven up a dead corner or dead wall with this nifty space saving storage idea. It can help eliminate clutter and create a more streamlined look.

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Trend Alert: Embellishments

UntitledCredits: 1 , 2-4 and  6-9 from , 5

Embellishments has been everywhere lately from the catwalk to street style and a few lovely DIY guides. I am loving this simple way to introduce some glamour to an outfit and make it more dressy. It also ups the ante on a pair of old faded jeans!

It is a wonderful DIY project to inject some new life into an old love. With the tons of step-by-step guides available on the internet to DIY this look it couldn’t be easier. Click on the link for the first picture as it shows a easy DIY.

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