Home Decor Trend: Velvet


If you’d have enquired about my thoughts on velvet two weeks ago, I would’ve been completely indifferent. The only velvet associations I had are red stage drapes from my ballet days and a faded love seat that a friend had in her bedroom. Not exactly the stuff dreams are made of! But Pinterest is a magical place!

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Trend: White & Gold

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White and gold is one of those trends that has been creeping up on us for quite a while now. Gold jewellery made its comeback a few seasons ago so its progression to home decor really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Small touches of gold can make a room feel sophisticated yet completely modern. I love how white kind of tones down the gold which can seem ostentatious. I’ve incorporated the colour scheme in so many outfits, it was our Christmas table’s theme and it’s even my blogs wallpaper!

I think the trick is to find the right shade of gold, one that isn’t too yellow. A matte finish also helps prevent it looking too garish. Injecting the classic colour combination with some youth and fun in the form of polka dots is my favourite use of the trend.

Will you incorporate the colours into your home? Do you have any tips to share on making it look modern and sophisticated?

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Get the Look: Windowpane Print

blokkiesA black and white windowpane print is a great way to incorporate the monochrome trend in your wardrobe whilst still looking fun and playful. This print pairs well with acid colours, such as this vibrant yellow, that enhances its playfulness.

blokkiesWoolworths is really nailing this trend at the moment as I recently saw two lovely windowpane printed items. To shop the look, click here: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

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Trend: The Baseball Tee

baseball tees

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The classic baseball tee seems to be the modern replacement for the plain tee. Pair it with boyfriend jeans for the perfect casual weekend look or use it tone down a more statement making pants as Amanda did with those pretty sequin pants. I love it either way. It can also work brilliantly as a canvas to showcase a pair of statement shoes such as Grace’s kitten flats or animal print heels. Shop the look here at Woolworths, Cotton On and Mr Price. Also try Jay Jay’s.  I am sure there will plenty of baseball tees in the shops.

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Get the look: Glam Camo

camoThe camo trend has been floating around for a few seasons now, but it is only now that it is coming into its own!  What differentiates the trend this time around is the touch of glamour. To give it a modern twist pair it with gold jewelery and black pointed stilettos  and always keep the palette neutral. This trend can easily be combined with a few other trends such as the printed sweater and black leather trends. A good tip is to always limit your outfit to one camo item and keep the rest simple.

camo 2

Row 1: 1 , 2 , 3     Row 2: 1 , 2 , 3     Row 3: 1 , 2 , 3    Row 4: 1 , 2 , 3

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