DIY Sequin Tote

DIY Sequin Chanel ToteHello everyone! I recently realized that I had this gaping hole in my life that only a massive canvas tote could fill.  Unfortunately it proved quite impossible to find one with a zip so I decided to make one. If you’ve got access to a sewing machine (or consider yourself one), this is really easy and very affordable. You can even customize it!

DIY Sequin Chanel ToteWhat you need:

  • 1/2 m thick cotton like canvas in cream/white
  • measure tape
  • scissors
  • 35 cm zip
  • 1 m stringed sequins
  • Fabric or Bostic Glue
  • pencil



  1. The first step is to measure and cut out all the pieces. I like using a pencil and measure tape for this. Measure out a 1 m by 38 cm piece for the bag’s body and cut. Check weather your fabric frays as you might have to zig-zag it to keep it from unraveling.
  2. Down the length of your fabric cut two pieces for straps. I wanted mine quite thick and long so I cut two pieces about 80 cm long and 12 cm wide.
  3. As I wanted a pocket on the inside, I used a contrasting stripy fabric swatch of about 20 x 10 cm.
  4. Start by folding over what will be the opening of the bag and sew neatly in place.
  5. If you want to create a side pocket in the bag as I did, you’d have to sew a small piece of fabric (20 x 10 cm) about 8 cm below one of the fold. This will be the back of your bag as the sewing will be slightly visible, but if you carefully match your thread to your fabric this will be barely noticeable. I chose to sew mine simply down the sides and below and then again in the middle, creating two smaller pockets.
  6. The next step is to sew the sides of the bag together. Once this is done, you can flip the top over once more (about 5 cm) and sew about 2,5 cm in leaving a small flap on the inside. This is where you’ll sew in the zip.
  7. I also wanted to box out the bottom of my bag, which was way easier than I imagined even though it is the hardest thing to describe! I struggled to follow others tips as I had used one large piece of fabric instead of two pieces for the body. The simplest way is to flip the bag inside out and draw a pencil line where the bottom of the bag’s fold is. Then take the corners between your fingers and flip them open aligning the side seam with the pencil line on the bottom of the bag, creating a triangle. I hope this kinda makes sense! See here for a pictorial guide. Then you’ll sew the triangle in place and do the same on the other side, taking care to make the two triangles the same size.
  8. The next step is to take your straps, fold them in three and sew it in place. Next you’ll attach it to the bag. Take care to only sew it onto the 2,5 cm you left above the zip. I chose to sew it on the outside and used a square with a cross in it. This is a pretty secure way to sew the strap on so that it can take heavy loads.
  9. BAG done! Phew! Take a breather and decide on which words you want to write on your bag. I liked playing with it and draping a few words onto it to get a rough idea of how it would look and whether it would fit. I finally decided on Chanel, but cities like Paris and Rome and French Words like Merci or even Meow could also have worked.
  10. Once you’ve chosen your word, write it in pencil and then place glue over it and press the sequins in place. I cut a few pieces to avoid having to go over the same line twice, which made it easier to read.
  11. Voila! You’re completely done! If you had any trouble following my steps, please ask and I will clarify. 🙂
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Stripes and Sequins


Hello everyone!

I’m so excited as summer is definitely starting to bloom! We’ve tried to take advantage of the great weather we’ve been having by spending as much time outdoors as possible. I always love days spent in the city and usually can’t resist a pit-stop at the Company Gardens. The outfit I reach for most often when the sun comes out is usually some kind of striped top and jeans. I think I’m pretty much sorted if I want to wear a variation of this every day of the week (pfff…not that I’d really consider doing that…) On this particular occasion I decided to throw on a diamante necklace which makes quite a statement against the sequins on the top, which was a DIY job. Funny how I knew that it was a successful DIY when my brother commented that it looked it like someone had messed a bit of sequins on it…

Hope you enjoy this outfit!DSC_3965 DSC_3957DSC_3959DSC_4056

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Trend Report 2014: Part 2

trends p26. Learning Caligraphy: Calligraphy is no longer reserved solely for weddings. Due to the huge value we place on typography, it is no surprise that many want to learn Caligraphy as a hobby. Caligraphy sets make starting this somewhat daunting hobby a little simpler.

7. Carnations: Peonies have been everyone’s favourite flowers for years, but as most have to be imported from the Netherlands they aren’t an environmentally or pocket friendly option. Enter cost-friendly, all-year carnations. They come in a variety of colours (and can even be dyed a few unnatural ones) and are some of the most affordable options around. I think we will be seeing alot more of these flowers this coming year.

8. Sequins: Long have sequins been saved for eveningwear, but spangle has never been more appropriate for day wear. Why should you reserve your beloved spangly dress for the few hours after-dark when it can catch the sunlight during the day? Just remember to dress it down, unless you want to resemble a disco ball. I particularly love this Rebecca Taylor jacket for a transitional sequin item.

9. Moroccan Wedding Blankets: They look like Chanel Couture for you home, but instead these natural woven wool and cotton blankets often decorated with sequins and other trimmings are traditional blanket from Morocco. Drape it over your bed or couch for maximum effect.

10. Blush & Copper: While all shades of pastel are in vogue right now, none so can be more fashionable  than blush pink. Combine it with copper to give it some much needed edge and add contrasting mint green if you want an additional colour.

For pic credits and more inspirational images, visit my Pinterest page dedicated to 2014 Trends:

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Shopgirl Find: Festive Dresses

a4e46412a5205b50f8a82d5d8a829832Image credit: Coco + Kelley

The festive season is the perfect excuse to wear sequins, so why not treat yourself to a glittery dress (or jumpsuit) to celebrate Christmas and New Year? I’ve rounded up five of my favourite glittery finds at different price points so there really is no reason to be boring in black.

Festive season dressingL   1 | 2   R   3 | 4 | 5

What are you wearing this festive season?

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Pre-Fall 2013 Runway Trends: Feminine

Feminine looks were all over the runways this season and my favourite of these would have to be all the sequins and ruffle designs.

SequinsSequins are amazing because of their ability to transform even the most simple silhouette into something amazing. Sequins look great on both girly designs as well as more edgier looks like those of Matthew Williamson. Sequins also look amazing when dressed down for a more casual day look, so it is definitely worth investing in. Even though the official party season is over, this is the perfect excuse for hosting a glamorous party.Feminine RufflesRuffles are another great trend for this coming winter. It adds a much needed feminine touch to the season which is often dominated by more masculine silhouets. The ruffles can be either soft and flowy as seen at Chloe or more structural and architectural as seen at Givenchy and Lela Rose. Whichever you choose, make sure it is figure flattering and doesn’t add extra bulk where you don’t want it.

I am looking forward to making my winter wardrobe more feminine by trying a sequined DIY beanie for starters.

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