Velvet Teddy On A Budget


In a recent conversation with friends we wondered why so many beauty products names’ could double as porno’s (here is looking at you Nars!). Wet & Wild is an affordable range available at Clicks that I haven’t taken seriously until now. Shout out to Cara Fay for this discovery- Bare it All is a peachy-brown shade and almost straight-up dupe for MAC’s famous Velvet Teddy.

As with most popular drugstore finds, it was a little hard to track down but Tygervalley has recently been restocked.

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LA Girl Pro BB Cream Review

DSC_4045So I finally broke down of six months (yup, that was half a year!) and started wearing foundation again. I blame the cold winter air for drying out my skin and making it look extra blotchy and red. I remember looking into the bathroom mirror one day at work and rushing over to the MAC counter during lunch just to get something on my face, I was that embarrassed!

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Runway Review: Elie Saab Fall 2013 Couture

Elie Saab 1Elie Saab’s 2013 Fall Couture collection has everything you would expect: excessive beading, voluminous skirts and familiar necklines in a variety of fall colours.  Yet it is all so very pretty that I can’t ignore it. The show started out with a few amazing deep red dresses in some familiar silhouettes. I particularly loved the dress pictured above, center.

Elie Saab 2This was followed with some nude dresses with simpler silhouettes as it is his signature style. It feels worthy of a princess.

Elie Saab 3The midnight blue ruffled dress with a lace illusion neckline was a showstopper that I can’t wait to see on the red carpet.

Elie Saab 4The final colour was a magnificent teal, which is by far my favourite. As far as the styling goes, I am not a big fan of the matching satin heels but at least it doesn’t distract from the dresses.

There isn’t much to say about the collection as it is pretty much what we’ve come to expect from the designer, but as always it is so pretty. So I hope you appreciate it as much as I do.

P.S. Click on the images to enlarge them.

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Review: Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

100_5377Available here, for R355 for 40 ml or visit your nearest store for a free sample as I did.

Clinique’s CC cream promised more coverage than most BB Creams whilst leaving skin looking dewy and moisturized. CC is an acronym for “colour correcting” and the sales lady promised me it would minimize the redness on my cheeks which is my main concern. It also corrects sallowness, dullness and grey. I have been using Clinique’s Supermoisture Makeup foundation and although it does deliver the coverage and dewiness I was after, it does leave my skin feeling slightly sticky. So whilst it looks amazing, it doesn’t feel so comfortable. I was hoping that this CC cream would solve all my problems and I am happy to report that it did!

Most alphabet creams are only available in three shades and I’m usually somewhere in between the light and medium. Luckily I didn’t have this problem as Clinique’s comes in 6 shades. I do think they could however make more darker shades. My shade is “Very Light” and although it looks quite orange in the container, it blended to quite a neutral light shade. I might have to go a shade darker for summer though.

The consistency feels like a thick cream and not at all like the Moisture Surge cream which feels like a gel to me. Once it heats on you skin it almost feels like it’s melting and blending becomes a dream.

At first blending was  a little tricky as I used it after moisturizing my face. It felt a little streaky and I couldn’t blend it into my skin. I also felt a little oily, as though I had on too much moisturizer. Bearing in mind that it is a very hydrating product, I prefer using the it on its own. This creates a more natural feel and it becomes super easy to spread without creating streaks and it doesn’t feel as though the product is just sitting on my face. Even though my skin is quite dry I feel this cream is easily absorbed and it delivers enough moisture to carry me through the day.

As far as coverage is concerned, i’d say it gives more coverage than most alphabet creams yet less than a medium coverage foundation would but it is buildable. It makes my skin tone look more uniform, essentially the purpose of a foundation, and it almost eliminated my redness which I think is amazing. It also added a nice dewiness to my skin making it appear moisturized and healthy without feeling sticky or thick. It delivers all the positive aspects of my foundation with only sacrificing a little coverage.

This product offers SPF 30, which is a little higher than what most products used to offer, though I feel companies are shifting to a higher SPF, which is great. Please do bear in mind that sunblocks need to be re-applied during the day to offer continuous protection. No foundation or other makeup can replace your sunblock. For me this is fine for everyday use as I spend most of my days inside anyways and only see the sun early in the morning (when the cream will still offer protection) and when I leave work the sun is setting. When I plan on spending days outside I use a higher SPF 40 that I can reapply, so no problem there.

The price might be a little steep but do bear in mind that it comes in a 40 ml container instead of 30 ml, which is standard for foundation, so you get a little more product. I also believe that with products that has such a huge impact on how your skin looks and feels you can splurge a little and rather save on colour products which you’ll use less often and less of. Lastly remember that you are saving on your moisturizer as well as this doubles as moisturizer and foundation.

This product is great for everyday use as it is easy to apply and gives a great natural look.  I will definitely be purchasing a full-sized CC Cream as soon as I finish my foundation. Please tell me what you thought of this product and whether it has helped you with sallowness or grayness.

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Beauty Review: Essence XXXL shine Lipgloss in True Love

100_5135This is the first lip gloss I’ve bought in about 10 years! During my early teens I spent most of my money on those roll-on clear lip gloss but when I tried to make the transition to coloured glosses, I found it extremely sticky and thick. So I stuck with lip-balms and later, lipsticks.

Yesterday I was searching for some new nail polish (I love the essence brand’s nail polishes for more trendy experiments) when I stumbled upon this lip gloss. The colour looked amazing and it read “non-sticky” on the back so I immediately tried and bought it.

The gloss goes on smooth and feels quite lightweight, but the colour packs a punch! When applied very lightly it gives my lips a naturally pink-berry glow and when I layer it on thicker it creates a deeper fuchsia berry colour. It is worthy to note that this colour is more pink than purple as I have had a problem with some purplish lipcolours looking too dramatic and unnatural.

Even when the gloss dries, it remains lightweight and non-sticky. The gloss doesn’t last as long as the sticky long-lasting variants, but it doesn’t really bother me. Even after it has worn off, it leaves my lips slightly stained so touch-ups aren’t so frequently necessary.

Available at all Clicks and some Dischem stores, only R25! It is the best beauty bargain buy ever and I can’t wait to go stock up and try a few other colours!

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