June Favourites


I hope everyone has been enjoying the month so far! I know, I know, this is seriously late! But in all fairness, I do feel like June is only starting now. Anyone else feel like May just wouldn’t come to an end? (No? Just me!?) Anyways I am finally getting around to telling you what has me excited for the second half of June! Hint: It is not the weather!

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August Favourites

Hello August (a few days late)!

August is always the coldest, wettest month in Cape Town. It is also the best time to enjoy a hike. I’m fortunate enough to live close to a wonderful nature reservse which I only recently started exploring. I look forward to spending a weekend or two there every month from now. Nothing beats getting in touch with nature whilst also getting your daily dose of excercise.

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July Favourites

Yay for July! I’m looking forward to a lot of things this week. It is about three months until our wedding (time flew!) and our wedding invitations are keeping me going. I just love all the pretty fonts.

We are currently working on our hallway and are planning a gallery wall to fill some of the space. I love the simplicity of this one!

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