Meal Planning Tips


For someone who likes making list, I am surprisingly bad at meal planning. I guess it boils¬†down to simply making and taking the time for it. I used to be quite good at it as a student- mostly because I had to be (I didn’t have a car to drive to the grocery store). So depending on which way you look at it, I might be the best or the worst person to offer advice on the subject. Either way here goes!

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September Inspiration

Happy first day of Spring!

I went jogging yesterday and the change of the seasons has never been more apparent. The sun was beating on my back but in the distance I could see some snow left on the mountain peaks. I am glad summer is finally on its way!

Whilst there is no way for me to wish away another cold front, I do plan on indulging in some summer traditions like a fun manicure and over-wearing my stripes.

I also want to find the perfect shirt-dress and somehow master the cat eye, any and all tips welcome! If the amazing weather we’ve had this weekend holds up, a trip to the beach would definitely be on the cards.

Lastly I’ve found this really cute DIY bow bracelet on A Pair, A Spare and couldn’t resist sharing. I have no idea where I am going to find a gold bow, but it is so pretty that there was no way I could keep it to myself.

I hope you enjoy the first month of spring! For all my Northerners, keep warm this autumn with loads of hot choc, I might join you when the next cold front hits.

Much love,


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August Inspiration

Hello August!

Whilst those in the Northern Hemisphere are saying goodbye to summer, we’re welcoming spring (about a month early!) and with that I am already looking forward to summer. Whilst Augusts are still quite cold and usually welcomes the heaviest snows on the mountains, I feel spring in the air and know that summer it is just around the corner.

I’ve got a few simple DIY’s planned for this month including a canvas tote for travelling. It is ideal for everything that doesn’t fit into my regular handbag.

Beauty-wise I’d love to try and perfect my faves but thus far I’ve been unsuccessful. And don’t you just love this manicure?

I’ve also got a better idea of what I want to do above my bed, though I’d choose some more meaningful words.¬†Since I’m in an Italian mindset I also want to make my own pasta which I haven’t done in ages. It does take a while but makes the most delicious lasagna!

So whatever you’ve got planned for August, I hope it is a good one!


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