Home Wishlist Round 2


Today I thought I’d share with you my home wishlist. Our tiny house is slowly starting to look more like a home, with our entryway/hallway (basically our front door) coming on the blog soon! Although there are still a million and one things we need ranging from big purchases (like a proper couch) to smaller things for the kitchen, I’m mostly looking forward to the decorating part. It propably isn’t something we’ll be spending on soon, but I just view it as an opportunity to really think about what would be perfect. Right now I am loving the mix of modernĀ and luxurious pieces. I struggle to balanceĀ the light and airy look with my love for more dramatic, darker pieces. I don’t want our home to feel too predictable, but still have a cohesive look that is distinctly us.

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Shopgirl Find: Graphic Scatter

02_6102027123_SI_00Facet Scatter Cushion |here|

I really like this graphic scatter cushion from Mr Price Home. Everything from the texture of the fabric, the size (50cm x 50cm) and the colours look and feel awesome. It is also very practical as it’s made from a blend of polyester and cotton meaning it is safe to wash and the zipper allows for easy removal.

As always though, you get what you pay for and I suspect the inner possibly isn’t the best quality as some instore already looked a little down. R100 still isn’t much to pay for a cushion cover so you can always replace the inner if need be with a real feather one. Hertex Fabrics and many other stores sell quality cushion inners separately. I’ve been looking for scatters for my bed for a while now and these are strong contenders. They will also look great on a charcoal or white sofa. What do you think?


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