Winter Hiking Style

hiking styleI love hiking and Cape Town has some of the best routes to offer, but one of my favourites is to traverse the Franschoek mountains during the winter months when the peaks are all snow covered. It really is the only way we Capetonians can experience a white winter. When hiking comfort is as important, or dare I say even more than style. I like the middle I’ve found that doesn’t require a completely new closet just for a once-a-year activity yet is completely comfortableand suitable for the activity.

hiking style

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This is the basic formula I follow when dressing for a hike during the colder months. I like the idea of layering so that pieces can be removed or added during the day ensuring you never over heat or get cold.

The biggest investment to make for this sport are proper hiking shoes such as these Salomon trail running ones. I prefer trail running shoes as opposed to hiking boots as they are generally lighter and provide more traction where hiking boots mainly focus on stability.

I also prefer to wear loose-fitting jeans when it is a relaxed hike as they are warmer than running leggings and denim is more durable when you do slide on your bum.

Other than that I like a fitted parka for protection from the elements, matching accessories, stylish sunglasses and a large yet comfortable backpack to fill up with water and food supplies.

Enjoy your hiking trip!


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Hiking style

Yup, it is that time of the year again- we are finally rewarded with snow capped mountains! I enjoy hiking just as much as the next guy- meaning I am not an enthusiast with an entire Cape Union Mart outfit, but come once or twice a year I like to attempt a hiking route to see some snow. Basically I try to be comfortable and just wear what I already have in my closet. The problem is that the most comfortable ensemble usually isn’t the most stylish one.  This year I believe I have finally got it together.

Some basic tips for keeping a hiking outfit stylish:

  • Keep the silhouette streamlined and only wear what is necessary and comfortable!   (Skip the skinny jeans to avoid chafing)
  • Layers are your friend, but stick to thin layers and only make the top layer a big comfy parka to protect against harsh winds.
  • Stretchy pants are the best! ( Don’t think hulk pants, rather think VERY opaque leggings. Nothing ruins a stylish outfit quite like a bit of unintended visible undies.)
  •  Stick to a neutral colour pallet or one accent colour to keep the look chic and cohesive.
  • Remember to match accessories (gloves, scarves and beanies) with your outfit, and not necessarily with each other.
  • Don’t forget to pack a pair of sunnies to protect your eyes.
  • Please do invest in a pair of decent hiking boots if you can, it will be well worth it. They don’t have to cost a fortune, but the rough terrain just loves to munch on sneakers. (Trust me, I learnt the hard way.)
  • Finally, don’t forget that the African sun reaches us even when it is cold and cloudy outside. A burnt face is NEVER in fashion and is a health risk. Don’t forget to reapply your sunblock every hour or so and go with an SPF of at least 30.
Please feel free to share any extra clothing tips for hiking trips as I am still a novice and any helpful tips will be much appreciated!
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