Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Whilst my fiance and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day I still appreciate all the beautiful pink and heart-shaped items.


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Whether you are treating yourself or a friend one of these bright and cheery items will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face! Has anyone tried the Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother? They seem to be a dupe for the Clarins Insta Light Lip Perfectors at a quarter of the price.

I hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day!

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Shopgirl Finds: Heart Shaped Plates

hartjie bordeAs I mentioned earlier, my fiance and I am now in the throes of apartment hunting and it has been really hard to steer clear of the shops until we find somewhere to stash it. But browsing on the internet doesn’t count does it?

I love this subtle hint to Valentine’s Day without it being too cheesy. As it is white you really can get away with using it as  servers year round. I am just picturing it ladled with chocolate-dipped strawberries or a delicious French toast breakfast on V-day.

The best part about it? It is on sale at

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DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Earings

100_2106I love making jewellery that is simple, foolproof and just plain pretty! I’ve made these earrings a thousand times and decided to share this simple DIY with you just in time for Valentine’s Day. It leaves you with more than enough time to go and buy the necessities and create a beautiful pair for each of your girlfriends. The simplest gift made with love are often the best!


What you will need:

  • A pair of pliers that can do delicate work
  • Earing Hooks
  • Heart Charms

Both the earring hooks and charms can be bought at your local bead shop for relatively cheap. I go to Kaqala Beads in Cape Town.


What to do:

  1. Bend the earing hook’s loop open with pliers.
  2. Place charm in earing hook.
  3. Close the loop. Finito!


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