My all time drugstore beauty favourites


I can’t resist a good bargain! Whilst I apply the same principle to my makeup bag as that of my closet – quality over quantity – I find that when you know what you’re getting yourself in to, affordable makeup doesn’t have to mean you’re settling for something sub par. Having said that, as with all makeup brands irrespective of price, not all brands are created equal. And even less so when it comes to their products! Some excell at lip products whilst others might excell at foundations. So to help you demistify the beauty isles of Clicks and Dischem, I thought I would share my all time favourite drugstore beauty favourites.

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My Favourite Essence “The Nudes” Nailpolish

Essence Nailpolish The Nudes in Crunchy Cake

If you’re a fan of Vivianna Does Makeup you’ve likely heard her bleating on about her favourite lacquer, Porchester Square by Nails Inc. Of course I’ve Googled the shade a million times and developed a serious crush on it! I might be wrong but I think Edgars no longer stocks the brand as I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. My search for the perfect greige nailpolish finally ended when I stumbled upon this bargain from Essence.

Their Nude Trends collection includes a number of delectable shades, but Crunchy Cake (weird name, I’ll chalk it up to a bad German translation!?) one instantly drew my attention. The colour is best described as a greigy-lilac and is the perfect year-round colour (it looks darker in the picture). It also happens to be the best dupe for the afforementioned shade that I’ve come across.

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Essence Colour & Go Nail Polishes

I love to try new nail polishes and these new colours from Essence’s Colour & Go collection have not disappointed! I couldn’t pass up these beautiful colours at the affordable price of R27 each (Clicks & Dischem). I’ll admit the packaging isn’t as pretty as say Essie’s but for almost a R100 in price difference I can forgive the packaging. I like the flat rounded brush of the polish as it makes it easy to achieve a natural curve near the cuticle. I also found the consistency of both polishes to be perfect-as in not tacky or runny but this obviously depends on the colour. Both shades only required two coats to make it completely opaque but I did find that on some nails I had to go back a third time for a completely perfect finish. It lasted the standard 3-4 days without chipping but you might be able to push this further with a proper top coat (so disappointed in my Sally Hansen No Chip).

100_8659This medium pink is called ‘Free Hugs’ and it is the perfect spring/summer shade. So even though we’re veering into winter territory I can still have a glimpse of summer. I’ve been enjoying pairing this with a nude pink shade on my feet for an ombre effect.

100_8716At first I was a bit skeptical about my second colour named ‘Here’s my number’. I don’t like shimmery polishes in general and prefer something completely opaque or a chunky glitter, but  I was pleasantly surprised with this colour. It’s a great winter colour with a shimmery black as a base and a few larger silver and teal glitter particles giving a nice blue-charcoal finish. The sand effect was also evident whenever I brushed over it and even though it isn’t one I particularly like I suspect that others might enjoy this. . Removal wise it wasn’t as big a pain as I had expected. I did soak it in polish remover but didn’t have foil on hand (pun intended) and it worked quite well. It only required minimal rubbing.

All in all I will definitely be purchasing more of these Essence Colour & Go polishes as they really are value for your buck! Have you tried one of the Essence polishes? Were you as impressed as I am?

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Beauty Review: Essence XXXL shine Lipgloss in True Love

100_5135This is the first lip gloss I’ve bought in about 10 years! During my early teens I spent most of my money on those roll-on clear lip gloss but when I tried to make the transition to coloured glosses, I found it extremely sticky and thick. So I stuck with lip-balms and later, lipsticks.

Yesterday I was searching for some new nail polish (I love the essence brand’s nail polishes for more trendy experiments) when I stumbled upon this lip gloss. The colour looked amazing and it read “non-sticky” on the back so I immediately tried and bought it.

The gloss goes on smooth and feels quite lightweight, but the colour packs a punch! When applied very lightly it gives my lips a naturally pink-berry glow and when I layer it on thicker it creates a deeper fuchsia berry colour. It is worthy to note that this colour is more pink than purple as I have had a problem with some purplish lipcolours looking too dramatic and unnatural.

Even when the gloss dries, it remains lightweight and non-sticky. The gloss doesn’t last as long as the sticky long-lasting variants, but it doesn’t really bother me. Even after it has worn off, it leaves my lips slightly stained so touch-ups aren’t so frequently necessary.

Available at all Clicks and some Dischem stores, only R25! It is the best beauty bargain buy ever and I can’t wait to go stock up and try a few other colours!

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