Three Ways To Add Colour To Your Home

Colourful home by Alexander James

[Alexander James]

One of my biggest design problems, and one that some of you hopefully share lest we be the only dreary and drab ones, is with regards to the introduction of colour into our home. I blame it on one too many sensible purchases and the fact that I love grey it is one of the few colours my husband agrees on (why couldn’t it be blush pink!). Anyhow sometime last year I realised that our home basically reads like a paint strip going from white to black with all the shades of grey in between.

And whilst I love monochrome homes, it simply wasn’t something we were aiming for and a well curated black-and-white home requires more restraint than we had applied. So in my attempt to make our home feel more well rounded and slightly more colourful, I’ve found three ways to introduce colour into a space.

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5 Times We Used Paint to Transform Our Home

About 95% of our home DIYs include or are solely comprised of paint. It is by far the cheapest and easiest way to transform a space! It also requires the least amount of skill, although patience definitely is a virtue (waiting for layers to dry is literally the worst!) I thought it would be fun to think of all the times Ryno and I have used paint to personalise our space. Not all projects have to be as big as our recent garage transformation witht the help of Prominent Paints. Some of these jobs could easily be completed in a weekend.

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Style Icon: Allison Williams

Allison WilliamsWhilst I am not a major fan of Girls, I find myself being continuously drawn to Allison Williams’ style. She always looks happy and pretty and frequently wears colour. I love the pink Oscar de la Renta and I think the red Naeem Khan is spectacular. I also think she has the most amazing hair and I love how she incorporates into her looks. Her style can be described as classic but playful. Whether she is wearing classic de la Renta or edgy Victoria Beckham, this girl has clearly found a style that suits her and her obvious happiness about it makes it even more enjoyable. I’d love to know whether her off-duty style is anything as amazing as this!

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