Life Update


I feel slightly guilty writing this post, as I have been absent for longer than I intended to be. To be honest, I have completely failed in the blogging department. I haven’t even uploaded some of the beautiful pictures I have to share on Instagram!

I have been busier than usual at work, having taken on extra responsibilities including creating and launching a new website. It has been rewarding, but has also meant that when I finally step into my home I don’t want to see a computer screen! 

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Weekend Traditions


One of our favourite weekend haunts is Ou Meul coffee shop which also happens to be just around the corner from us. As it is always busy, we decided to head over early one morning and grabbed something fresh from the bakery and a delicious coffee. Although the coffee is what keeps us coming back, I was initially drawn in by their decor. The on-trend gold lights really make a statement against white walls with the occasional ceiling rose used in a unique way. My photos don’t do it justice as sadly it was a little dark inside, but it is great for catching up with friends on a rainy day and the croissants and sticky cinnamon buns are our favourite for good reason.

I planned on doing a full outfit post, but as the photos weren’t the best I decided not to share them. I was feeling a little daring and wore denim-on-denim, but to avoid it looking circa Britney-Justin-VMA’s I wore this mid-blue denim shirt with an almost black-blue jean. I kept the rest of the outfit slick with black suede pumps and delicate gold jewellery. For a more dressed up look, I think a red lip would compliment this perfectly!

Make sure to head over early and you might also get fresh-from-the-oven croissant, a must-have for every carb-lover! I think I know what I’ll be doing post-parkrun tomorrow!




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Cosy Day Essentials

DSC_8784 It is a funny time of the year for me to be talking about feeling cosy as we are supposed to be in the middle of summer. But we’ve been experiencing some colder evenings these last few days which has had me reach for my favourite winter essentials. I can’t think of a better time to talk about essentials for staying cosy than during the festive season when you feel all fuzzy inside. Feeling cosy is a complete sensory indulgence for me. I like to start off with a scented candle. Right now I’ve got a Cinnamon and Jasmine duo doing the trick. On nights where I feel completely drained, as I have often felt these past few days, I prefer to just unplug completely and head to bed with a few good magazines or a classic novel. I can’t stress enough how important good quality sheets and bedding is. I prefer a sateen finish, especially on my pillows but I also know a good many people like the cool touch of percale. Once you’ve found what works for you, it is worth investing in it (I like these bedding sets from Parachute Home as they cater for all preferences). My ultimate indulgence however is a cosy quite like a grey knit – be it in blanket or jumper form. Make it a cable knit and I’m sold! This is where you want to pay attention to what your knit is made of as Merino is preferable for that snug feel that doesn’t scratch. Never settle for anything less than cotton! A little Christmas music always elevates my mood and songs about snow always fit the bill! I like to finish this off with a good cappuccino to send me into sensory heaven!

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May Inspiration

Happy May! Today is a public holiday (Yay!) so this month is off to a good start already, but the month of long weekends and short work weeks is nearing and end. Adjusting to longer work weeks might take some time getting used too and getting up early on cold mornings isn’t going to be great, but May month does have a few highlights that I’m looking forward to.

  • I love waking up on winter weekends knowing I can stay in bed for as long I like. Sipping coffee (preferably served in bed), wrapped in grey cable knits and listening to the rain.
  • I am so going to try this yummy looking recipe as soon as I can convince the rest of my family. It scores bonus points for being kinda healthy!
  • This winter my skin won’t surrender to the cold. I’ll be doing everything in my power to keep it hydrated and looking perfectly dewy. Starting with my foundation. It’s toss-up between Clinique’s Supermoisture makeup and Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Serum (nearly impossible to find).
  • Beach days are some of my favourite days so this series by Josef Hoflehner called Patience is simply irresistible to me. Turquoise oceans always make for pretty pictures.
  • My favourite mag with one of my favourite celebs and pink flowers on my birthday month- score! The shoot is unbelievably pretty.
  •  Olivia Palermo is a universal style icon but I also really love her hair and makeup. This month images of her hair shall help me resist that trip to the hairdresser. Instead I’m avoiding over styling my hair and applying copious amounts of moisturising products.

I hope you enjoy the coming month! Remember to do things that make you happy. What are you most looking forward to?

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Home Coffee Stations

22025485647142535_mxW2jvwZ_cLately I’ve seen a lot of delightful coffee stations on Pinterest, so I guess it has become somewhat of a trend. We all know that espresso machines can be bulky, so this is the perfect solution for those of us with limited space and a love for coffee. Convert a standard bar stand or simple table into a home coffee station that is both functional and decorative and make the most of your space. I have tried this and it is simply a delight as everything that you need is exactly where you need it and it keeps your kitchen counters clutter free and clean. Just remember to place it near the fridge if you don’t want to drink black coffee!

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