Wall Art: How to add interest to a blank wall

Wall art is a great way of adding interest to a large area without adding clutter. Skip the framed artworks and gilded mirror and create a sleek look with a simple lick of paint.

Ivanka Trump’s apartment features a large mural of a tree, painted in a slightly darker shade creating the feeling of a shadow. For this look I would recommend hiring a professional as this can be tricky to create. Alternatively you can use wall art stickers to create a very similar look in a smaller space (a variety available at Builder’s Warehouse).

Stripes can be a great way to trick the eye if the area isn’t as large as you would like it to be. As everyone knows vertical stripes lengthen and horizontal stripes makes a room feel wider. Just be sure to remember that horizontal stripes can also make a room seem shorter and cramped.

With the right tools and a very patient painter, this look can easily be recreated. Take your time in doing the measurements and don’t be stingy with the tape and the rest should be plain sailing. Wallpaper is an expensive alternative, but it adds extra opulence and polish to a room (Hertex Fabrics and St Leger and Viney are stockists of great quality and variety of imported wallpapers).

Both images from Elle Decor Online

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Runway Favourite: Erdem

This season, Erdem took a more feminine approach to his florals featuring embroidered flowers in baby blue and yellow with a splash of neon orange and coral. It creates quite the striking image.

The line also featured  many lace looks- whether it was a lace print, lace overlay or a lace inset. It was featured in almost every single look. Studded silk chiffon broke the softness of the lace and florals.

The accentuated waistlines and detailed necklines created for a very feminine look that I believe will be received well by his clients.

One of my favourite looks was the full a-line skirt dress with cutout detail and a sheer panel inserted into the skirt. It stood out among the sea of fitted skirts and slight a-lines.

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My weakness: Pointy bow heels

I have a weakness for pointy bow heels that was sparked by Louis Vuitton’s version with the block heel. These cute summer versions by Mr Price for a mere R140 sparked my interests as soon as I saw them!

There are only two things that bother me:

1. The extreme high heel would limit the amount of wear I would get out of them- trust me I don’t wear HIGH heels to often.

2. Which colour would I choose? I mean I have a weakness for both coral and neutrals.

One thing is sure- they do make for a pretty picture!


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Runway Favourite: Oscar de la Renta

As always the the designs of Oscar de la Renta were some of my favourite. It was the perfect combination of playfulness and class with cute short-combo’s, brights pinks and turqs, really great accessories and signature styles in black and white.

Some of my favourite dresses featured appliqued flowers made by hand from tulle and embroidery. His attention to detail is just magnificent!

His attention to detail can also be seen in the accessories he has chosen. The jewellery and brooches are playful and fun featuring coloured stones and classic designs. The rose necklace that Karlie Kloss featured in the opening look is amazing! I also liked the shoes, especially the classic strappy stiletto’s. It is fashion without trying to be different. I like the fact that most of the looks were belted at the middle as this creates an extremely flattering waistline even on non-model figures.
The show finished on a high note with some silver and black evening dresses. The dresses varied from princess style to sleek and simple. The addition of the silver belts were pure genius!

Wouldn’t you love to see Duchess Catherine wear one of these simple black numbers? I think it could work as long as she decides to stick with the runway shoes.

This collection truly is fit for a princess!

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Runway Report: All About Eyes

Spring/Summer 2013 certainly is the season to experiment with eye make-up! From bright pink at Donna Karren and Marimekko to teal at Kate Spade and Monique Lhullier. This season one thing is clear: go bright or go black! Blusher is optional.

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How to accessorize your coffee table

What you decide to display on your coffee table is influenced by both your style and your lifestyle. Here I have narrowed down a few key looks.

1. Tray display

This works particularly well if you have a small display that needs to be moved to make some room. This also functions perfectly on upholstery as it provides some stability for your display.

2. Simplicity

For a clutter-free look only display a few of your favourite books or a small vase of fresh flowers. This leaves ample room for coffee or dessert to be served.

3. Collection

This look might be perfect for you if you want to add personality by displaying some sort of collection. A collection of books work well with a few candles or flowers and by adding a unique magnifying glass it is personalized.

Whatever you choose to display, make sure it suits both your style and lifestyle. Always remember that the display should accentuate the table and not diminish it’s purpose- for you to serve coffee.

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Runway Report: NY Spring 2013 R-T-W

New York fashion week is well under way and some trends for spring 2013 are already becoming apparent.

Crisp white is the colour of choice for most designers. Everyone from Jason Wu, DKNY to Diane Von Furstenberg made white a key feature in their collections.

For a runway inspired look pair it with black, navy, sunshine yellow, coral or classic denim. When you feel daring you can even go for an all-white look for an extremely minimalist summer.

However you choose to wear it, it is clear that this summer classic is here to stay!

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Wish List: Summer Classics

Okay so the fact that it is Spring finally caught up to me and I decided to do a summer wish list. It will make it easier for me to go summer shopping. After scouring the internet and examining what I already have, I’ve decided to split the list in two. So it will be a list for classics today and a list for trends to follow.

1. Dainty gold jewellery

2. The perfect straw beach bag/ handbag

(Ideally this would be lined with a zip)

3. Black tailored shorts

4. Statement shirt

5. White matchstick jeans

What is on your list? Are there any classic summer essentials that you would add?

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Hiking style

Yup, it is that time of the year again- we are finally rewarded with snow capped mountains! I enjoy hiking just as much as the next guy- meaning I am not an enthusiast with an entire Cape Union Mart outfit, but come once or twice a year I like to attempt a hiking route to see some snow. Basically I try to be comfortable and just wear what I already have in my closet. The problem is that the most comfortable ensemble usually isn’t the most stylish one.  This year I believe I have finally got it together.

Some basic tips for keeping a hiking outfit stylish:

  • Keep the silhouette streamlined and only wear what is necessary and comfortable!   (Skip the skinny jeans to avoid chafing)
  • Layers are your friend, but stick to thin layers and only make the top layer a big comfy parka to protect against harsh winds.
  • Stretchy pants are the best! ( Don’t think hulk pants, rather think VERY opaque leggings. Nothing ruins a stylish outfit quite like a bit of unintended visible undies.)
  •  Stick to a neutral colour pallet or one accent colour to keep the look chic and cohesive.
  • Remember to match accessories (gloves, scarves and beanies) with your outfit, and not necessarily with each other.
  • Don’t forget to pack a pair of sunnies to protect your eyes.
  • Please do invest in a pair of decent hiking boots if you can, it will be well worth it. They don’t have to cost a fortune, but the rough terrain just loves to munch on sneakers. (Trust me, I learnt the hard way.)
  • Finally, don’t forget that the African sun reaches us even when it is cold and cloudy outside. A burnt face is NEVER in fashion and is a health risk. Don’t forget to reapply your sunblock every hour or so and go with an SPF of at least 30.
Please feel free to share any extra clothing tips for hiking trips as I am still a novice and any helpful tips will be much appreciated!
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