Our Bathroom Renovation | Mid-Way Update

This post has been long overdue since we finished phase one of our bathroom renovation in August already. It simultaneously feels like yesterday and months ago! You can see what our initial plans were here and because I don’t want to underwhelm you, below is what it looked like before.

I’m so happy to finally share what it looks like now. It isn’t 100% functional yet since we don’t have a shower door, entry door or vanity yet. With any luck, we’ll have at least a few of those ticked off our list by the end of this year.

This phase of the renovation saw the new window being installed, tiling, the walls being plastered and the installation of our new bath, tapware and toilet. I’ve taken many happy baths in this room and can’t wait to one day enjoy a shower here – especially during the cold winter months.

As I mentioned, we still need to install a custom glass shower door. This will take a big chunk of money, so we’ve delayed it as we have a functioning shower two doors down from our bedroom. We also finally have a better idea of what we want the vanity to look like, but since we’ll be DIY’ing it and have been a little time poor, this project will have to still wait a while. Currently we have our old dresser filling the space.

We’ll also be installing double doors leading into the bath – another DIY. Since this is technically a single entrance, we’ll take a solid wood door and halve it. This will take up less space in our main bedroom and is just visually more pleasing.

Other things we didn’t plan on doing, but have now added to the list includes adding a shelf below the window to replace the side table. Despite adding the frosted glass at the bottom of the window for some privacy, we’re also considering some sort of window treatment to add more privacy and some softness to the room. We haven’t really decided on that yet as we don’t want to take away from the view.

We’ve really enjoyed our on-suite bathroom not just for the convenience but also because it allows so much more light into our bedroom. Initially I was very skeptical about keeping the arch, but since it would have eaten up a large chunk of our reno budget to get it removed I had to make it work. I’m so happy to report that the end result turned out so much better than imagined and I hardly notice the arch any more.

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