My Favourite Online Lighting Sources

Speaking with friends and family throughout our renovation, some who are also homeowners and undertaking their own renovation, we’ve picked up that lighting can be a source of mayor reno nightmares. My husband and I have had our own struggles trying to find something that not only fits both our tastes, but is also reasonably priced. Add to that all the extra requirements like good quality, from a trustworthy source (there are some convincing looking dodgy websites selling all my dream lights) that uses bulbs that are readily available and you might as well ask for chocolate that isn’t fattening.

Luckily we’ve managed to find a few sources that we turn to when searching for the perfect piece. Since they aren’t always the obvious first stops, I thought I’d share them with you today. I’ve also included a roundup of some of my favourite light fittings, some of which we have used or are planning to use below.

  1. The Lighting Warehouse: They offer a great variety of classical and contemporary lighting. They do have a showroom in Johannesburg, but if you can’t make it to check them out yourselves I can vouch for them. We ordered our kitchen sconces from them through Takealot and are very happy with the quality. They also look exactly as pictured.
  2. They are an online only business who I reached out with a few product-related questions before ordering myself. Sometimes I like to ‘test’ a business by asking some product specific questions and see how detailed and quick they respond. It definitely is not a fool proof test, but along with a few other checks (local phone numbers etc) it provides some peace of mind when ordering. They sell beautiful modern light fixtures from a few local suppliers as well as some unique pieces that I haven’t seen elsewhere. I ordered an item that was on back order, but was delivered long before the estimated arrival date. Their pricing is also very competitive and they stock a variety of bulbs, allowing you to order whatever you’d need along with your fitting.
  3. Superbalist: They could be an obvious choice for some, especially if you are a keen online shopper, but not everyone is aware of how extensive their home catagory is. They occasionally stock some unique modern gems. Just be sure to snap them up before everyone else does! I think this glass pendant is understated and beautiful.
  4. Eleven Past: They not only stock beautiful furniture pieces, but also have a great selection of lighting at different price points. They stock some of our favourite local suppliers like Bright Star, but also have some more exclusive pieces. I’ve been lusting after this Twig Chandelier for ages, but no matter how many lightsaber references I make my husband won’t budge. I also like that you can stop by one of their showrooms in Cape Town to check out the quality or scale of a light before purchasing.
  5. DecoFurn: Their furniture might not be synonymous with quality, but the standards are slightly different with lighting where the finishes don’t have to be as hard-wearing. As long as it meets the style requirements, is sturdy and properly wired it checks all the boxes. I’m currently waiting for this fitting to come back into stock for our dining room. Their pendants are definitely where it is at though, as their standing and table lights are a little lackluster.

We’ve also previously made up pendant lights with parts from Hoi P’loy, who also have beautiful light fittings that don’t fit our current budget. You also shouldn’t discount your local hardware stores as they often carry some good classics and more trendy pieces – if you are able to look past the boob lights and ceiling fan lights.

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