November Favourites

November marks the start of my favourite season with the festivities usually starting early in my home! The first usually kicks off some Christmas tree decor. This is my first Christmas since moving out of my parents home, so I am finally starting my own Christmas decor collection. It is growing slowly but surely!

Ryno and I have four different garden roses planted in our backyard (one didn’t make it) and they are finally blooming at the same time. It really does look magical and I love the scents from the roses and herbs when working in the garden. Sometimes I even imagine that it is what it must be like to be a nose for a fragrance house – not that I’d ever know! This summer is marked to be the hottest one in a while, so I plan on taking plenty of picnics (probably not dressed like a lady) in nearby parks.

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October Favourites: My upcoming wedding

wedding updateSomeone at work recently asked whether I’ll be sharing anything of my wedding on social media, only to realise that I have kept quiet without exactly intending to! Whilst I don’t want to share every last detail with everyone, I think there are a few things that might be of interest to some of you- whether you simply love weddings or are planning one yourself.

I have to confess, doing all of the planning yourself can at times become slightly overwhelming and stressful, but nothing that a cup of coffee and a good planning session can’t cure!

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September Favourites

Time for another monthly favourites, this time only one day late (it is the small victories). I thought I’d once again corral together everything I’m looking forward to this month, with a few things of next month as I don’t know wheter I’ll have time to blog so close to my wedding!

The wedding is the main reason why my month will be filled with peonies, gold glitter and lots of tulle! I feel like I should break into song, “…these are a few of my favourite things.” But I’ll save your ears.

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August Favourites

Hello August (a few days late)!

August is always the coldest, wettest month in Cape Town. It is also the best time to enjoy a hike. I’m fortunate enough to live close to a wonderful nature reservse which I only recently started exploring. I look forward to spending a weekend or two there every month from now. Nothing beats getting in touch with nature whilst also getting your daily dose of excercise.

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July Favourites

Yay for July! I’m looking forward to a lot of things this week. It is about three months until our wedding (time flew!) and our wedding invitations are keeping me going. I just love all the pretty fonts.

We are currently working on our hallway and are planning a gallery wall to fill some of the space. I love the simplicity of this one!

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June Favourites

Hello and welcome to my small corner of the world. I felt like I started last month on the wrong foot and it all came back to bite me, so on the second day of June (lets pretend it’s the first) I’d like to give it a warm welcome!

I could go on about how it is hard to believe that half the year is already gone, but the truth is we’ve still got a month to go! And really, I have achieved and done so much this year already that I really can’t complain. Besides if the second half of last year was anything to go by, I think this one might just be the best one yet!

This month I’m looking forward to getting into the details of my wedding, as October is just around the corner! There are a few small DIY projects I’ve left until now and I can’t wait to tick them off my list! I am also going bridesmaidsdress shopping with my best friend later this month.

I would also like to report that my ranunculas are well on their way to blooming. Some of them are nearly 10 cm high so I am hoping that a few of them might already bloom this month. Ranunculas are right up there with my favourite flowers! I think they might even beat peonies 😉

We painted the back door and front door charcoal this week, which ties in nicely with my black & white theme for the kitchen. I really like the look of the darker cabinetry in this kitchen! Kitchen goals!

After years of searching I also finally got my hands on the perfect parka (from Mr Price Sport, if you were wondering). It is super comfy, cosy and has a big furry hoodie. Already on the right track, the quilted arms and cinched waist just sealed the deal. And it was a total steal too! I love pairing it with another favourite of mine, stripes.

Since the weather really brought its A-game this week (sarcasm aside, it is literally snowing in Cape Town in JUNE!) I decided to try my hand at a traditional Cornish Pie last night. It was delicious and I am so glad I made enough for two nights. Nothing beats the cold like a warm meal.

Eventhough I only wish I was planning a trip to Paris in the near future, I figure you can never be over prepared. So I’m pinning and planning in my head for one day. You never know, it might be soon!

I hope you all have a wonderful June, whether you’re welcoming summer or embracing winter. Always look to the bright side of life!

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April Favourites

Can you believe that the first quarter of the year is already over? Wow it really feels like time flew! It was just yesterday that I got engaged with a year to plan and now we’ve got six months left! But I digress, we’re here to discuss what gets me excited for the coming month.

So lets start with the most obvious – Easter! It might not be my favourite holiday (I find Easter quite depressing) but we do have chocolate to make up for it! And it will be the first weekend we spend in our first home!

Which brings me to my next point, we got the keys to our home last week! Although it is very small, we’ve been painting all week long (cuboards, walls and skirting boards – basically every surface where the paint will stick!). Finding the right grey paint for the walls is a whole new blog post (short version: there are a lot of blues and purples masquerading as grey).

I am really looking forward to just chilling in our new place althoug there is still a lot to do. We really need to get a new bathroom cabinet (as step one of the bathroom make-over) and I am completely lusting over this classic shaker-style cabinet.

Besides all the painting we’ve done, we’re also replacing the hardware on all the doors and for the bedrooms we’ve settled on a similar crystal style and it really does transform the space (not as much as painting the dark cuboards white, but it was well worth the money!)

All this hard work has me lusting for a holiday and all the lovely pictures on Pinterest just isn’t helping! It’s been nearly half a year since our Italy trip (I know-shut up already but I just can’t) and I feel like I’d give anything to go back, or somewhere new. There is so much of Europe that I want to explore still.

I look forward to some normal weekends which don’t require paint clothes – maybe I can even replicate this cute stripes outfit! Oh and I’ll paint my nails my favourite Essie shade, Fiji. It also happens to be great for Easter!

So on that bombshell (yes I watched Top Gear),

I hope you have a great April! Please share what you are looking forward to this month to help everyone stay positive and happy! Sometimes sacrifices are worth it when you keep the greater picture in mind!

Much love,


P.S. You can find all the images on my Pinterest account.


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March Favourites

Hi everyone!

March marks the end of summer here in the southern hemisphere (yet tomorrow is set to be nearly 40 degrees celsius!) so I think this month will settle down. We’ve been so busy the first few months of the year with Ryno starting his new job, house hunting and wedding planning. Whilst it is all very exciting, I do look forward to some later starts to my weekend mornings.

This is also the last month before we officially move into our first home! So load of (cheap) DIY’s to come, like these awesome side tables. I’ve already picked up a piece of trunk from the small forest near our new home. Now I just have to decide on the colour. I’m also researching the best climbing roses for a slightly shady spot in our garden. I’m hoping for something with lots of green foilage (preferably for most the year) with big pink buds.

Along those lines, I’m also sorting the flowers for our wedding this month. It is something I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while and I really hope we can incorporate a few peonies into our budget-friendly arrangements.

Beauty wise I’ve been loving the look from the Micheal Kors show. It’s kind off my everyday look done professionally (and NOT in less than 4 minutes). As Ryno is planning a work trip to the US in the middle of the year, I’ve been compiling a list of want-haves for him to look out for. So any suggestions of absolute beauty must-haves for the natural look-lover that is only available in the US would be welcome. Wow that is a mouthful!

I’ve also finally found some gorgeous golden pave bar studs which will be on heavy rotation this month! I am hoping to pair it with a simple and classic look geared towards the cooler weather I’m expecting at the end of March.

I just think it so great to start the month on a positive note than to just reminisce about the great month past. And so I’m off to go snack on a batch of chocolate bark (my latest addiction) whilst staring at everything that’s yet to make its way into boxes. I hope you all have a great month and please let me know what you’re looking forward to this month!

Much love,


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February Favourites

Hi everyone,

So I am a bit behind on the whole monthly favourites but this year literally just kicked off with a bang and hasn’t left me with much breathing space. I hope you’ve all had a great start to the year. I almost can’t believe that we’re already a week into February – a.k.a. the month of lurrrve!

So to start things off, as I’ve mentioned before R and I don’t really celebrate Valentines’ Day in the traditional sense but I do appreciate all the cute heart shaped items. My favourites of these are balloons or edible. 🙂

Last month was Paris Fashion Week (read couture) and I just fell in love over and over again as the models walked down the runway. I think the Elie Saab show was once again my favourite, but it feels a bit unfair to choose as they were all so great. You can find more of my favourite runway looks here.

This past weekend we also had our engagement shoot and I literally can’t wait to see the end results. Part of me is worried about how I will look as I’m not the most photogenic but on the other side it was so much fun and we did hire a professional so it should be fine. Whilst we were in the city I also picked up some beautiful vintage roses but unfortunately they drooped as they were out of water for too long. Any idea how I can revive them?

This month has also seen me reach for pink nailpolishes on repeat with about 4 in permanent rotation. Whilst on the subject of weddings, isn’t this wedding dress just the most dreamy thing you’ve ever seen? A girl can dream…

My favourite Valentine’s treat is breakfast in bed – because what says love more than getting out of bed for someone else! These pancakes will be great, whether you’re at the receiving end or in the kitchen. I also love this DIY tote which is a great alternative to my own sequin one.

I hope you all have a great month filled with lots of love and laughter!


Astrid x

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Happy New Year!

sterretjiesI would like to start off this post by wishing all my readers a happy new year!

Getting a little more personal, 2014 was a great year for me and I hope for you too. Not only did I travel to some of the most wonderful places, but I also got engaged to the person I’ve wanted to be my husband for the last 7 odd years! Things have been kind off slow this year on the blog as its taken a back seat between my new job, travels, wedding planning and life. I am not apologizing however as all these will make my blog posts so much more special.

With a new year comes a few changes, naturally! 2015 will see me move into my first apartment (excluding University accommodation, which was basically a room!) so you can expect to see some (BUDGET) decor posts, loads more food (as opposed to deserts) and maybe the odd wedding post (I promise this won’t become a wedding forum).

Here are a few of my favourite posts from this year:

1. My Florence Post


2. My DIY Sequin Tote


3. Chocolate and Almond Biscotti


4. Bedroom Makeover


5. DIY Book Sleeves


I hope we can all put 2014 behind us (and all the sadness caused by disease, war and accidents) and that 2015 will be better!

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