French Winter Style

I’d much rather be sipping on a chocolate chaud as I’m ducking into yet another art museum than doing my 9-to-5 in Cape Town this winter. And I’m sure many of you will agree! While I certainly won’t be going anywhere adventurous this year, it doesn’t mean that I can’t dress for the holiday I want. French style has always been revered for being simple and chic, but it has never been as easy to replicate as now.

Once synonymous with quilted bags and a glimpse of the iconic double-C, today’s French style brings to mind a more relaxed approach as pioneered by brands like Sezane and Rouje. While this is a style you can emulate year-round, I think the elements really leans itself well to the cooler months. Think cosy textures, warm tones and loads of luxurious fabrics in looser styles.

Emulating the Parisian style is easy when you can shop at the above mentioned brands, but I think you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to achieve the look when combining a few of the below elements – many of which you might already own!

1. Round Neck Knits


The simplest and easiest way to replicate the look this winter is with a round-neck knit, tucked in off course! Bonus points if it sits high on the neck so that your necklace can hang over it.

2. Dark Denims


This is a classic winter style staple irrespective of which look you are after, but its also synonymous with French style. The most popular jean sits higher on the waist to create a nipped waist and ends slightly above the ankle. The shape – straight, skinny or flared – really depends on your personal taste. Straight legs are a classic though!

3. Flats

Make sure you have a pair of ballet flats on hands for the days when it isn’t pouring with rain. It’s comfortable, versatile and can easily be purchased from affordable brands like H&M. Loafers are also a popular alternative.

4. Mix Neutral Tones


It’s not often you’ll see the French embrace colour. Paris is the city that has designated a very specific green as the only colour for all municipal structures after all! Combine neutral tones like navy, grey, beige, tan, caramel, white and black to create interest and dimension without looking like a St Tropez beach umbrella!

5. Statement Blouses


A statement button blouse or lace-inset top can be worn both in the daytime or evening with a beautiful coat over to keep you warm. Think luxurious fabrics like silks, lace and broderie anglais.

6. Structured Outerwear


Which brings us to one of the most-seen items of your winter wardrobe, your coat or your outerwear. French winters are cold, so there isn’t a shortage of inspiration. This season a classic double-breasted blazer in a wool is the first choice for warmth and style. Other classic outerwear choices include the trench coat and longer-length Melton coats in simple silhouettes. Try to steer clear of black if possible.

7. Fine Gold or Tortoiseshell Jewellery

They might have moved on from the double-Cs but French girls still adhere to the less is more aesthetic, especially when it comes to accessorising. Often you’ll just see simple gold chains and small hoops finishing off their outfits, although tortoiseshell accessories is another great way to liven up a monochrome outfit.

8. Brown Accessories


Swap your black handbag for something in a luxurious brown finish – think suede or a crocodile finish. This adds additional interest to simpler outfits and is also a great way to add warmth to cooler tones like black and grey.

9. A Touch of Leopard


If this all feels a little too safe, then consider adding a touch of leopard print to your otherwise neutral wardrobe. Be mindful when choosing a print though – look for beige or golden tones and steer clear of anything too orange. Black-and-white interpretations can also be fun and much more versatile if you aren’t ready to commit to the classic print yet.

10. Stripes


Cliché as stripes are, real French girls still wear them so you definitely can too! Ranging from classic Breton tops to knits with deep V’s and everything in between – you can’t go wrong with a classic black and white or French navy and white combination!

The French Girl Edit

  1. Zara Blouse | 2. Trenery Knit | 3. Trenery Handbag | 4. Daniel Wellington Watch | 5. Mango Blouse | 6. Mango Shoes | 7. Witchery Blouse| 8. Zara Trench | 9. Lovisa Earrings| 10. Mango Jeans | 11. Trenery T | 12. Tread & Miller Boots | 13. Lovisa Necklace | 14. Zara Blazer | 15. Witchery Knit

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Testing Basics: Slouchy Black Tee’s

I recently found myself on the hunt for the perfect slouchy black tee, as summer is around the corner and all that. I bought one last year from Mr Price and found myself constantly grabbing it from the washing line, before it was even properly dry, so knew I wanted to invest in at least one more. I don’t like spending a tonne of money on these as they often need replacing, so kept them all under the R200 mark. Below you’ll find some really unflattering pics of me and my review of each that might save you some time should you also be on the hunt for the perfect basic tee.

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Winter Accessories


Can we just all take a moment to acknowledge that this year has really flown by before diving head first into this post. Like seriously, it is the last week of July already! Which also means that we’re just about halfway through winter. It is usually around this time that I start getting bored with the season and my wardrobe. It might be because I favour a monochrome wardrobe, but lately it just feels lacking. I’ve somehow fallen into a trap where I wear variants of the same outfit day-in and day-out.

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Shopping For Your Capsule Wardrobe on a Budget


I love scoring a bargain as much as the next person, nay probably more, as it leaves me with an incredible sense of achievement. Especially if it is an item I’ve been hunting for for a while. But when it comes to purchasing your whole wardrobe on a tight budget, it comes down to a little more than just scoring that elusive bargain. Below are my tried and tested steps to ending up with a closet you love.

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7 Steps To Starting A Capsule Wardrobe on A Budget


I really like the idea of a capsule wardrobe, as it perfectly encapsulates the wardrobe philosophy I’ve had my whole life. Buying less clothing with the intent to wear it often just seems to make so much more sense to me than having a tonne of trendy items you’ll wear once. I also like having a smaller, more edited closet, as it makes it easier to get dressed in the mornings. So the whole capsule wardrobe trends makes me one happy chappy!

But the only thing that bugs me is that so many bloggers seem to promote this as justification for making crazy expensive designer purchases. Obviously that is their perogative and I do appreciate looking at a pretty designer bag, but it needs to be said that you can create a perfect capsule wardrobe on any budget. So if you’ve never done a capsule wardrobe or are just interested to see how I do mine on a strict budget, find out below.

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9 of the Best Pyjama Sets & Robes

Mr Price Palm Print Robe

I’d never given much thought to my nightwear, but after I spotted a ridiculously expensive summer robe (R850!) that I couldn’t stop thinking about (it was a black and white floral with neon pink pompoms), I decided to go on the hunt for a more affordable robe. I love my Mr Price palm print gown as it features the same colours as the gown of my dreams (not pictured) and didn’t break the bank.

Whilst on my search I also found some really lovely pyjama sets and robes that unfortunately are not in my budget, but definitely worth it if you are feeling spendy. Because you know, treat yo self!


1 | 2 | 3

Perfect for throwing on during cooler mornings, I love wearing mine to bed with a warm cuppa and a good read on a Sunday morning.

Plain Sets

plain sets

1 | 2 | 3

In my opinion there are few things more classic and stylish than a matching set with contrasting piping. I’d like all three colour ways please! Best part, all are by local designers.

Printed Sets

printed sets

1 | 2 | 3

Though I love the aforementioned classic pieces,the pretty patterned sets are what first caught my attention. I’ll take the one of the right (and left) please. Unfortunately these were only available on ASOS’s website, but Superbalist stocks some of the brands. So maybe we’ll get lucky!


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Back in Black in Babylonstoren

DSC_3638 This past weekend was a long one for some and for the rest of us, well we had to work on Friday. That does not mean that we didn’t make the best of Thursday’s public holiday! Ryno and I decided to head out to Stellenbosch for lunch as I hadn’t been there in quite a while. After finding a few of our favourite spots were closed for the holiday, we headed to an old favourite, Java for their chai lattes (a.k.a. liquid pancakes) and pizza.

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Cape Town Chill


This weekend I had the most fun catching up with a very good friend, Crisna from Nunkilief. We had an early breakfast in the most beautiful restaurant, Hemelhuijs. The decor is basically my dream – wall panneling, dark colours and loads of bookshelves. But it wasn’t a patch on the conversation. Crisna and I are working on some content togethering that we’ll hopefully be able to share with you soon!

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Monochromatic Haul: Woolworths & Mr Price

Fashion haul

I’m back after a short blogging break, which allowed my eyes to catch a much-needed break (I also scaled back on my Netflix addiction). I made my way to the Woolworths sale this weekend and couldn’t wait to share my bargains with you.

The first thing that caught my eye was this black and white breton which I’d been contemplating for a while as I’m replacing some of my older stripes. This one has a looser fit and long sleeves which makes it the perfect winter closet staple. At just a R110 it was a steal (use your Woolworths My School card for a further 10% discount).

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Comfortable Valentine’s Day


I love H&M and still remember how overwhelming it felt when I stepped in my first store in Italy. Everything looked so good, their collections seemed well edited and planned and I obviously appreciated the price points. One of the first dresses I bought was a blush butterfly sleeve dress, but sadly I lost it shortly after on my trip to Mauritius.

I was so glad however when I found that it is a classic style that they offer in a multitude of colours and patterns. I got a cream dress with black dots but I really want to go back for the black version, as it is one of the most comfortable dresses I own, requires no ironing and can easily be dressed up and down.

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