What’s new for Shopgirl in 2014

e2e957c9572e4faea7fbdf1ce1b9dbb8New Year, a few new things on the blog (a.ka. what I’ve been working on this holiday)!

1. So I finally joined Instagram just before the end of last year.Which explains why I’ve only recently added my feed to the side bar. I really enjoy sharing these pictures as they are a great reminder of pretty things and good times. Taking styled shots is super fun!

2. I am considering sharing a few outfit posts with you guys. Some days I just feel so happy with what I’m wearing and I want to share that. I’m still working out some logistics- e.g.¬†how to become photogenic, but it something to look out for in the coming months.

3. I want to include a few more opinion posts which might be less image driven. Thoughts?

4. Finally, an about me page has been long overdue. Its funny how much I struggled to write this piece considering that I write for a living. Anyway here it is.

Any other changes you’d like to see on Shopgirl? As much as this is my outlet, I’m totally open to any suggestions to make it more enjoyable for others. ūüôā

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Trend Report 2014: Part 2

trends p26. Learning Caligraphy: Calligraphy is no longer reserved solely for weddings. Due to the huge value we place on typography, it is no surprise that many want to learn Caligraphy as a hobby. Caligraphy sets make starting this somewhat daunting hobby a little simpler.

7. Carnations: Peonies have been everyone’s favourite flowers for years, but as most have to be imported from the Netherlands they aren’t an environmentally or pocket friendly option. Enter cost-friendly, all-year carnations. They come in a variety of colours (and can even be dyed a few unnatural ones) and are some of the most affordable options around. I think we will be seeing alot more of these flowers this coming year.

8. Sequins: Long have sequins been saved for eveningwear, but spangle has never been more appropriate for day wear. Why should you reserve your beloved spangly dress for the few hours after-dark when it can catch the sunlight during the day? Just remember to dress it down, unless you want to resemble a disco ball. I particularly love this Rebecca Taylor jacket for a transitional sequin item.

9. Moroccan Wedding Blankets: They look like Chanel Couture for you home, but instead these natural woven wool and cotton blankets often decorated with sequins and other trimmings are traditional blanket from Morocco. Drape it over your bed or couch for maximum effect.

10. Blush & Copper: While all shades of pastel are in vogue right now, none so can be more fashionable  than blush pink. Combine it with copper to give it some much needed edge and add contrasting mint green if you want an additional colour.

For pic credits and more inspirational images, visit my Pinterest page dedicated to 2014 Trends:


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Trend Report 2014: Part 1

top 10 trends p1

  1. Diamond Print: Diamond shapes have been printed onto everything from Duvet Covers, accessories and even as art. It is a fun and easy trend to try at home.
  2. Cakes: Everything from Naked cakes to crepe stacks will be on mark- as long as it is relatively easy to achieve without a pastry chef. That means no artistic butter cream roses and more  simple sprinkles and rustic frosting.
  3. Purple: Everything from violet to Radiant Orchid (Pantone colour of the year)… I think we will see this colour mostly in fashion and home decor accessories. Paired with neutral grey or Dazzling Blue (another Pantone favourite) this will surely liven up any room.
  4. Crystals: Whether you believe in mystical magic powers or not, crystals are the equivalent of¬†bling for your home. And we all know that you can never have enough bling… ¬†A large amethyst stone is also a easy way to incorporate purple in your home. These crystal candal holders from WestElm is both beautiful and functional.
  5. Organic Cosmetics: Brands such as Tarte in the US and Lush have finally managed to produce eco-friendly, natural cosmetics without sacrificing quality. I think 2014 will see more major cosmetic brands launching eco-friendly ranges to meet a larger demand therefore as people become more aware of the benefits.
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Runway Favourite: Louis Vuitton

Louis V Coat

Have you ever felt that a certain designer’s style is better suited to a particular season? I have always felt that Louis Vuitton’s style is better suited to the colder months. The brand’s image of glamour, timelessness and craftsmanship has to my mind always been better celebrated in its autumn/winter collections. You only have to take one look at the amazing coats this season to know what I am talking about.

Louis Vuitton Coats

Whilst some coats looked like bathrobes to me, the beautiful plaid coats was the highlight of the show. Some are fitted and belted whilst others are looser and shorter; there was a coat for everyone.¬†The details featured on these coats will guarantee that you won’t simply fade into the background. I simply adore a bit of bling and these coats adorned with sequins are amazing. They add glamour without being over-the-top. If I could have one designer item this season- it would be the sequin coat!

Louis Vuitton Slips styleThe show had a distinct bedroom influence with everything from silk pajama suits to lace negliges and lace and silk shorts being paraded on the runway, which was transformed into a grand hotel. Some of the items I do feel are better left in the bedroom, but these negligee inspired evening dresses are the right side of bedroom chic. They feel sexy and romantic in a muted palette of predominately midnight blues. The rich velvets and silks combined with lace and feather trims added to the luxuriously feminine feel of the show.

Louis Vuitton Evening DressesThe evening dresses were simply a delight-assuming they will be lined when they appear in the real world! I will never understand why the runway versions of these beautiful dresses couldn’t be more dignity-preserving. The detailing on the dresses are however amazing.

handbagsNo LV show would be complete without a showcase of delectable accessories, in particular bags. The show started with a few fur bags which brought flashbacks of my 90’s fur coin purse, but it moved on to more sophisticated bags. I particularly loved the croc Pochette-bags which were showed in a wide variety of colours.

Do you love this collection as much as I do?

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Even though it obviously is a Hallmark holiday¬† I still like to celebrate Valentine’s day. I can’t resist the charm of all the delicious candy and the beautiful colours.¬† I also like the idea of celebrating love! Imagine if we could all love each other a little more despite our differences in beliefs.

Anyway however you choose to celebrate and even if you celebrate it with your cat, I wish you all a day filled with love!

PS-  Here is the link to this cute paperless post card featured above: http://www.paperlesspost.com/cards/category/valentines-cards/card/6365

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One Lovely Blog Award

lovelyblog_thumbRecently Lexa S. nominated this blog for a one lovely blog award. I am really glad that she enjoyed my blog and hope you do too! See http://modeljourney.com/2012/12/01/one-lovely-blog-award/ for the other blogs she also nominated. She has an amazing blog about her experiences as a model- some funny and others giving great advice for future models. I particularly enjoy her beauty and make-up tips. So go and have a look at http://modeljourney.com.

As part of being nominated I have to write 7 random facts about myself, so here goes:

  1. I am totally a cat person and I find them irresistibly cute!
  2. I can’t watch scary movies- even if they are really bad and unbelievable. I scare way too easily!
  3. My dream is to one day own a massive bookcase filled with the classics and books about fashion, interior, gardening, traveling and food- especially baking. I love Jane Austen novels and find them both insightful and funny.
  4. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I enjoy baking gingerbread biscuits and outydse soetkoekies, buying and wrapping gifts and most of all decorating the Christmas tree!
  5. I want to travel the whole of Europe to experience the art, architecture, history and the food. The shopping would just be the icing on the cake.
  6. I don’t have a favourite season as I love both extremes. Summer is meant for the beach, picnics, fresh fruit and time spent outside. I associate winter with warm coffee, fireplace reads and pajama days. Also I love wearing boots and coats! What I don’t like is the in-between windy weather we experience in the Cape for the majority of the year.
  7. Grey and pink are my favourite colours which is why they are the colours of the blog!

I also have to nominate up to 15 other blogs for this award, but I will get back to this later. Most blogs I like have already been nominated, so I will have to get back to this part later.

Thanks again! x



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Happy Heritage day

I’ve had a few internet problems so this post has been slightly delayed. Whilst this long weekend certainly didn’t feel like the beginning of summer with sleets of rain and grey skies dominating the Cape, I felt like celebrating summer. So here is a picture of one of my favourite spots, Campsbay, taken a few weekends ago.¬†The transition from winter to summer has been rather erratic and even though I have been wearing my winter wardrobe I decided to paint my nails a coral pink in celebration of the season to come.

I hope everyone enjoyed Heritage day despite the dreary weather and celebrated with a lekker braai.

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