Hello, I’m Astrid and welcome to my blog!

DSC_3605I started my blog mid-2012 at the encouragement of my boyfriend. I’d been studying from home and felt completely disconnected from everyone. My blog became my outlet, my hobby and the closest I’ve ever been to having my own magazine (a big dream of mine).

The most difficult part was to choose a name for my blog. I finally settled on Shopgirl, as in Kathleen Kelly’s handle in You’ve Got Mail, my favourite romantic movie. Deciding on the content of the blog was easier. This is where I share the things I love including super easy DIY’s (don’t you just hate it when a DIY projects cost more time and money than just buying the real thing?), a few beauty tips (I might not be a beauty queen, but I am learning!), home décor inspiration, my passion for baking (because who loves cooking anyway?) and anything and everything fashion and style related.

I hope to inspire you to really make the best of what you have.

Live life beautifully!

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