Christmas Decor 2019: My Top Picks


If you’re decorating your tree this weekend, then you might be on the hunt for a few new additions. Instead of doing gift guides this year, which can be overwhelming, I’m sharing my top decor picks. Whether you want to add something special to your tree, or simply love seeing all the glittery items, I hope you enjoy my favourites from this year’s selection. 

Basic Baubels & Tinsel

These Glitter stars and Blue and Gold Baubels both offer good value for money and makes for a good base of colourand texture. I also like the Turquoise and Gold version of the aforementioned baubles (pictured) but sadly not available online.

Trying to find a golden tinsel that doesn’t look yellow can be challenging, so I was very pleased to find the best copery-rose gold tinsel at only R20 from Mr Price.

Fancy Tree Decor

Of course a tree built from only plain baubles would be boring. The golden Rhino and Maple Mouse make the cutest couple and you can currently snag them for 25% off on Woolies online.

I bought the Gold mirror star to tie to the top of my tree as an altenative tree topper, but @Home also has a very understated yet glittery star (not available online) to consider.

This year also saw me add some glass baubles to my tree, to be handled with care off course. The Golden Glass Bauble from @Home was added my gem-toned tree and the more classic Honeycomb bauble and Silver Pinecone from Biggie Best is the latest additions to my golden tree. I am very tempted to go back for the Christmas Sphere and double up on some of the others. I love how traditional and magical these are.


I have a weakness for Christmas wreaths, particularly ones that can be used year-round. The lush green one from @Home currently adorns our front door and this one from Game is a steal. Woolworths also has glittery options if you fancy something more festive than simply tying a bow.

Table Decorations

Lastly, if you want to scatter some decorations around the house you can’t go wrong with this simple glittery tree in a tin and a sequined deer. This glittery tree that lights up will also be a magical addition to evening events.


I hope you have a magical time decorating for the festive season! Let me know what you’re adding this year or what your favourite additions are that you reach for year after year?

PS Takealot stocks some of Paperchase’s Christmas decor and wrapping accessories. They are ghastly expensive though, so I didn’t include anything. But they’re all here if you want to take a browse.

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