Why Podcasts are Great & Some of My Favourites

If you haven’t delved into the world of podcasts yet, you are seriously missing out! With so much amazing, quality  content available for free, there is little reason to go about life’s errands in silence any longer. Although I’m still fairly new to the subject, there are a handful of podcasts I listen to on a weekly basis. If you don’t like girly banter or true crime, this list might not be for you, but there is a whole universe out there waiting to be listened to. Standing in line at the grocery store has never been so entertaining!

  • The High Low

British journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes cover weekly news and pop culture topics like Serena William’s court outburst and pressing feminist questions like whether the term “guys” is anti-feminist. They provide an informed take on relevant subjects and have definitely helped me to grow as a feminist. Although the subject matter can sometimes be quite serious, they never seem to take themselves too seriously! Which only makes it an even more pleasant podcast to listen to.

  • The Fringe of It

Bloggers and female business owners Liv Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin share their weekly conversations on the best television, what you need to eat (keep the Lindt close by) and other hot topics. They’ve recently started introducing special guests to provide another take on topics like changing the law to being your own best friend. Unfortunately the sound quality isn’t always too great, so this is a good one to put on whilst going about the quieter tasks in life.

  • My Favourite Murder

Breaking with the theme, if only slightly, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark might not be British but together they manage to provide a humorous take on what is often incredibly dark subject matter. Without delving too deep in the details, they talk conversationally about serial killers and some of the most horrendous crimes. Their stories are often peppered with valuable advice and their laughter often provides some relief during incredibly depressing stories. Some of my personal favourite episodes are when Karen dives into the treasure trove of “I survived” stories. There is nothing like a happy ending!

  • At Home With

Eschewing the typical studio interview, blogger-friends (and now authors) Anna Newton and Lily Pebbles visit their guests in their homes. This unique set-up allows us to take a peak into their guest’s private quarters whilst getting to know them better in the surrounds they are most comfortable in. Whether it is Jules von Hep talking about body positivity or poet Charly Cox sharing her poetry, Lily and Anna know how to balance interiors talk with serious subjects so that you always leave inspired and enlightened.

These are only a handful of the podcasts I’ve listened to and enjoyed. Others worth mentioning include Serial (season 1), Someone Knows Something, The Teacher’s Pet (such a riveting one!), Casefile True Crime Podcast, In the Dark, Bad On Paper and The Emma Gannon Show.

Where can you listen:

Most podcasts are free to listen to. If you have an iPhone, you can listen and download episodes via the Podcast app. Android users can download apps like Stitcher and Acast to listen to podcasts. On desktop, you can listen by visiting the Acast or Stitcher websites or through iTunes.

You can also subscribe to your favourite podcasts so that they download automatically onto your phone. This way you can enjoy it whenever suits you, without worrying about streaming it or remembering to download it. I personally like listening to podcasts on airplanes as it is great at keeping me entertained with my eyes closed.

I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to, so please share your favourites below!

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