DIY Christmas Gift Tag & Gift Wrapping Inspo

Christmas gift wrapping and DIY name tag

As much as I love gift shopping, planning and co-ordinating my wrapping and name tags to my Christmas decor has always been just as fun to me. This year, I decided on a beige and gold wrapping paper with a wreath-like DIY name tag. I love all the lovely wreaths I’ve seen and decided to take on this Christmas classic and make it slightly more modern. I love that these name tags are reusable and could just as easily double as Christmas decorations on a tree!

Granted this DIY is time consuming and maybe not as practical if you’re wrapping more than a handful of gifts, but it sure is pretty! Plus making the stars is the perfect activity to do whilst watching Christmas movies.

DIY star wreath gift tagAll you need is:

  • copper wire
  • pliers
  • buxus stems
  • super glue
  • ribbon of choice
  • white card stock
  • black pen


  1. Start by deciding on the size of your star and the bend it in shape using the pliers. It does take some practice to get it right, but the key seems to be to keep each line equal in length.
  2. When you get to the end of your star, be sure to make a little loop for the ribbon to go through.
  3. Cut a small stem of buxus to size and super glue it to place near the loop you made for the ribbon.
  4. Punch a hole in white card stock cut slightly larger than your star and write the name of the recipient on the front of the card. Be sure to check that it will be visible poking out behind the star wreath.
  5. Loop the ribbon through your card and the star and secure it to the package either with a bow and some tape or wrap around and tie.

In previous years I’ve used gold stars and blush ribbons as name tags or gone with a simple white and gold theme.



What did you choose to do this year?

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