Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Flatlay featuring Christmas gift ideas for the women in your life.

It is that time of the year again, and if you’re anything like me you might already have finished your Christmas gift shopping! Somehow though I always end up having to get something last-minute, whether it is a distant family member joining the festivities last-minute or a friend you’re seeing around the holidays, I always end up rushing to the shops in the last few days leading up to Christmas. So gift guides are always useful to me and hopefully to you too, whether you’ve made headway in tackling your list or are only just compiling it!

I love creating the female gift guide as I feel that we are generally easy.  I say that, knowing full well that something it is the biggest struggle, but for me it is never as much a struggle as searching for the perfect gift for the guys in your life (I’ve finally realised that it doesn’t exist, unless you’ve won the lottery). Most of these gifts are within a reasonable budget, as we generally work off a really tight one, but please also bear in mind that these are simply suggestions. There are often better deals found offline, so do shop around, but I do hope that this inspires you to create a Christmas shopping list that will leave both your wallet and the recipient equally happy!


There is a definite movement away from larger purses as more women are going cashless, so if you think the person you’re gifting too might need an upgrade or update I can confirm that this purse from Witchery is worth every cent and if you’re not sure this beautiful card holder from Mango might be a good addition to their handbag and a possible first step to downsizing. A beautiful cosmetic bag or case will also always be appreciated.

Bling Ring

Jewellery is an easy option to gift to someone, especially if they like trendy options. I always think there are two safe options: blingy and festive like these antique studs or simple and elegant from Accessorize’s Z Collection. I personally have and love a pair of their stud earrings from this collection as it is the perfect middle ground between real investment pieces and plastic that turns green as it is 9 ct gold plated and has Cubic zirconium stones which shine a little longer than the plastic/glass ones.

Tech Accessories

I am possibly the worst person to consult on tech, but personally I’d love one of the iRing type gadgets so that I can put my phone on its side and watch videos whilst I cook. It is also handy for phone scrolling in bed and taking selfies (if you’re so inclined). Just make sure the person you’re gifting it to doesn’t have a booklet cover. P.S. Edgars have some for about R50.

Something For The Home

Gifting something for the home could be a snooze fest, as it is so typical for the woman to receive a gift for the home. So make sure that the person you’re gifting this to will appreciate it before considering, but these beautiful solutions to everyday items is a great option for most. I love these metallic twig salad servers from Poetry and wish they had them in cake forks (something I’m still hunting for!). Other beautiful gifts for the home includes lovely fragranced candles (I love the Rose one from Masquerade) and beautiful storage baskets.


There really is a book for everyone! And it should be relatively easy to determine what the person already owns as most people displays their book collection in their home (unlike so many other things). I’ve stuck to coffee table and recipe books here, but if you’ve recently read and loved a fiction then gifting that is a beautiful personal touch.
Books I’ve read and love:

Books On My Wishlist:

Luxurious Beauty Treats

Although the primary goal of beauty products is for it to work, having something pretty that does the job is an absolute treat! I love these hand creams from Woolworths and often gift them to friends and family as I feel there is a scent for everyone, but you could also gift a beautiful lipstick. It could be risky, so try to eliminate it and pay careful attention to the formula and colours your gift recipient favours. If all else fails, a flattering neutral shade that leans either pinky or peachy is your safest bet.

There are few things as satisfying as the beautiful close of a luxurious lipstick like those by Lancome and Chanel (I wish!), but if you have the cash a repurchase of a signature scent will always be appreciated (and there are some great discount deals in the lead up to Christmas).

(P.S. Woolworths currently has 20% off when you buy two beauty products and you can always add cotton wool as your second item!)

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I love the idea of gifting a subscription service as the fun literally doesn’t stop! Magazines are an obvious choice and there are many great local options to choose from generally starting from around R350. It is also possible to get spendy and choose international magazines, but those could set you back anything from R1k and up. Other amazing subscription services includes flowers (Petals & Post come to mind).

Another great option is gifting tickets to a Workshop or class that you think the person would be interested in, obviously you’ll have to attend with the person (gift for you and her!). The Styling Shed hosts a large variety of workshops and the girls at Zana host fun screen printing workshops.  There are so many options all over the country that I’m sure you’ll find something suitable with a quick Google.

P.S. As always, know that the Christmas gift that really matters is the one given from the heart and that I am in no way saying you have to spend a fortune on those you love to prove it! I wrote a little something about it in the past, so read more here if you’d like to know how I feel about it.

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