Three Ways To Add Colour To Your Home

Colourful home by Alexander James

[Alexander James]

One of my biggest design problems, and one that some of you hopefully share lest we be the only dreary and drab ones, is with regards to the introduction of colour into our home. I blame it on one too many sensible purchases and the fact that I love grey it is one of the few colours my husband agrees on (why couldn’t it be blush pink!). Anyhow sometime last year I realised that our home basically reads like a paint strip going from white to black with all the shades of grey in between.

And whilst I love monochrome homes, it simply wasn’t something we were aiming for and a well curated black-and-white home requires more restraint than we had applied. So in my attempt to make our home feel more well rounded and slightly more colourful, I’ve found three ways to introduce colour into a space.

Bright Accessories

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I think this is probably the method most of us are familiar with, but far from using one colour exclusively or a very limited colour palette, I’d say you can go wild and use almost all the colours you find yourself attracted to as long as the items are small enough and you don’t have seven different coloured throw pillows. Choose larger accessories like throws and pillows in a co-ordinating palette and then add smaller accessories in other colours. I think it feels more modern when it isn’t done as ” perfectly”. I like to use smaller accessories as well like colourful bowls, art,  beautiful fresh flowers and books.

Pops of blue and a bright gallery wall add colour

Large Scale Muted Tones

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This is the method I’m currently addicted to. At a quick glance you might mistake these muted tones for neutrals, but they really pack a punch when done in larger scale. So next time, instead of going for the  straight-up grey choose one that leans more green or blue or green. Or go all out and paint a room in an olive green like in the image above.

Risk Taker

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Of course this conversation wouldn’t be complete without including colour via a statement pieces like an emerald velvet couch or teal seat. If there is one item that can easily transform a monochrome space into something that reads more colourful, it has to be statement seating as these are typically some of the larger furniture pieces and often tend to be a natural focal point. It could also work on a wall painted in a glossy bright colour or the upholstery in your dining room.

So there you go, these are my three favourite ways of introducing colour into my home. I love the example at the top of the post, which incorporates almost all of the methods mentioned above. I’m definitely not there yet! So let me know, have you tried any of these methods? Or are you happy with your neutral space as is? I’d love to hear your point of view.

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