5 Times We Used Paint to Transform Our Home

About 95% of our home DIYs include or are solely comprised of paint. It is by far the cheapest and easiest way to transform a space! It also requires the least amount of skill, although patience definitely is a virtue (waiting for layers to dry is literally the worst!) I thought it would be fun to think of all the times Ryno and I have used paint to personalise our space. Not all projects have to be as big as our recent garage transformation witht the help of Prominent Paints. Some of these jobs could easily be completed in a weekend.

1. Blush Pink Wardrobe (Acrylic Paint)

blush closet

Whilst we’d tackled our hideous 80’s wardrobes on the outside before we even moved in, the inside remained scarily brown for the first two years of our residence. I tried to cover it in gift wrap and pretend that it didn’t exist, but it wasn’t a big success and I was so happy to finally remove the torn paper when my husband gave in and said I could paint the inside blush pink. For this project I simply used a regular waterbased wall paint as I knew it wouldn’t get much wear. It turned out perfect and now I can enjoy my whole closet.

2. Coat Hook Stripes (Roof Paint)


This was one of our first home DIY’s I shared on the blog nearly two years ago and it is still going strong! It certainly makes a big impact and required minimal effort. The only challenge was to make sure that all the tape was straight before we started painting. Luckily one of us has a good eye 🙂

3. Gold Side Table (Spraypaint)

So actually this was a rusty cast iron bookshelf that lived in my grandmother’s foyer, but I saw its potential to become something resembling this (if you squint a little lot). So I sprayed the sucker with my favourite gold spray paint in the garage on a rainy day, waited forever, sprayed it again and now it looks kinda good for something we scored for free. Also, it is the perfect height! I have no idea why most side tables are too low for you to comforably reach for a drink on it. Anyone has any idea why that is?

4. Drinks Cabinet (Chalk Paint)


Another piece of recycled furniture was this amazing TV cabinet (remember when box TV’s still need to go into a cabinet? Sooo 2000’s right!?). It was a lovely shade of mohaganey, which with our beloved (sarcasm) cherry wood floors was just way too much. So we decided to make it blend into the wall (and simultaneously visually reduce its weight) by painting it with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Paris Grey. Honestly though, whilst I loved the colour the texture of the paint wasn’t my favourite. Although I’ve heard if you attend one of the classes, they’ll tell you to add a little water to the paint and that it makes it so much easier to work with. If I could however do it all over again, I would have chosen a different paint in the same colour. The thick texture of the paint means that the brush strokes are all incredibly visible and I cursed more than I care to admitas the paint was drying too quickly meaning it pilled as I was working on the first coat.

5. Grey Desk (Roof Paint)


I painted this wooden desk in the same waterbased roof paint that I used for the stripes and our front door, but I do wish I’d gone to the added trouble of using a primer. From afar, this looks great, but up close you can see all the kitty scratches. The paint made the weathered wood feel smooth again and definitely makes this desk look and feel more like us.


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