10 Must-Watch Series


Our favourite way to decompress after a long day has to be a serious couch session with whatever we’re currently watching. Over the years we’ve watched some spectacularly good (and some less so) series, and a good murder mystery rarely disappoints. So if you’re currently inbetween series, perhaps you’ll enjoy some of our favourites.

  • Designated Survivor

This one came first to mind, as Netflix is currently torturing us by releasing an episode per week making binge-watching it impossible. The basic premise is that someone with no political ambition has become the president of the US during a very troubling time with a very limited support system and bad guys all around.

  • The Killing

We loved binge-watching this older muder mystery as it really took us along for the ride. One of the key features of a good mystery is one where you can’t predict the outcome, and this one takes it to the next level. I also appreciate how thoughtful the two seasons have been linked and how the lead characters each has their own flaws.

  • True Detective

The first series of this show was gruesome, in some instances scary, and very freaky but also incredibly intriuging. The second season never really drew us in, but the first definitely provided a few good hours of watching and contemplation on whether it really was bed time.

  • That 70’s Show

Unlike the others mentioned, the 70’s Show is one of our go-to series for light entertainment. Even though it has been around for a while, we love occasionally re-watching a favourite episode for the laughs. Other favourites not currently on Netflix are The Office and Parks and Recreation.

  • The Crown

If you liked Downton Abbey’s portrayal of British Aristocracy then you’ll love The Crown’s depiction of the British royalty. It meets the basic needs for drama, beautiful costumes and British accents.

  • Marcella

Getting back to the mm category, Marcella portrays a confused detective seargent who has to investigate the disappearance and potential murder of a victim of which she suspects herself. Cue the confusion on both the audience and lead’s part.

  • The Bletchley Circle

Set in the 1950’s this series isn’t just a straight-up muder mystery, but also addresses issues of gender equality and sexism as a group of of war-time codebreakers find themselves struggling to settle in to the bland lives expected of a woman and wife at the time.

  • Hinterland

This is one of the more gruesome muder mysteries and provided a few jump-in-your-seat moments, but is more palatable than True Detective and leaves you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

  • Shetland

I appreciate series set in alternative destinations, like this one set in Scotland. Top of the Lake (set in New Zealand) and Trapped (set in Iceland) are also firm favourites in this category. The murders aren’t too gruesome, but the mysteries are well kept secrets only allowing the audience to uncover the answers with detective Perez.

  • Dexter

An oldie but a goodie, Dexter will make you root for the muderer all the way until the end. Not only is the storyline interesting and unique, but the character development plays an important role in the winding up of the story. A few years ago there were talks about a movie, and lets just say I’d love it it were taken further.

P.S.  I nearly titled this blog post Netflix & Chill, but a quick Google revealed that it definitely does NOT mean what I thought it did! I’m clearly getting old…


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