Our Garage Makeover: After | AD


I am so happy to bring you these pictures of our garage after it received a massive overhaul thanks to Prominent Paints. It is proof that a little bit of paint chosen in the right colours and formula can really transform a room! I was honestly ashamed to publish pictures of our garage before the makeover as it just wasn’t the best representation of our taste, I’m sure we aren’t the only ones that felt like that about our garage.


When I shared the before, I broke down what we had to do in order to transform the garage from a tired (and dirty) room to one that really reflected us and that would be a welcome sight to come home to. I am happy to report that not only have we completed all the tasks, I feel like we have achieved what we set out to do.

Below were all the tasks that we completed:

  • Seal garage door with foam strips.
  • Sort through the garage content and make a trip to the dump site.
  • Defog the garage.
  • Move ladder hooks to the left-hand side of the garage (so that we can comfortably get to the driver side of the car).
  • Create hanging space for garden tools.
  • Paint walls glossy white.
  • Paint back door in grey enamel.
  • Replace sponge on both passenger and driver side of the wall.
  • Clean oil stains on garage floor.
  • Paint garage floor (two coats).
  • Indicate on wall where car needs to stop.

First off we made a trip to the dump yard to get rid of all the stuff we no longer need, including some paints that were past their best. We also took full advantage of all the storage space in the garage roof and made use of alternative storage space for things that didn’t necessarily have to be in the garage.

All of this helped, but obviously the biggest difference was made when we started painting. We used a very glossy white paint on the walls called Select Sheen in a bright white from Prominent Paints. We were really impressed as the first coat nearly gave an opaque finish – unheard of for a white paint over a bright colour! The second coat has made the walls completely smooth to the touch which means it doesn’t trap as much dust as the previous matt paint and it is completely wipeable and washable.


On the floors we used Stoep Enamel in Pale Grey, a lovely mid-tone grey. I personally don’t like working with oil-based paints, but this one was a breeze. It was thinner than I expected but because of this, it went on completely smooth with barely any brush strokes detectable. We were even able to use a roller, which I usually struggle with when using oil-based paints.

If you remember from the before post, our garage had quite a few oil spills which needed to be cleaned before we could paint it. Although there are a few different ways of cleaning up an oil spill, I just used some dishwashing liquid, a big floor brush and an old rag to soak up all the oil. I had to scrub each stain about 3 – 4 times in order to lift all the oil, but it starts feeling worth it once you can see the floor underneath it.

We gave the garage floors two coats and then decided to paint the back door and cabinets (both wood) in the same Stoep Enamel and again it applied beautifully, with a smooth and glossy finish.


From the pictures you can see we moved all the hooks to the left of the garage and also hung the garden tools. Then we replaced the tired sponge with these black strips from the hardware store. They were only about R35 each, but can really be a saving grace in a narrow garage where the doors occasionally have to touch the walls. I used some washi tape to mark the place we need to stop the car in order to have enough room in front and behind the vehicle, which is great as it could be moved at any time should we get a new car. This would also be a great sollution for renters as it is easy to remove.


We’ve used the garage for about a week now and I can honestly say we are so impressed by how big a difference the paint can make to such a tiny room. Now it not only looks and feels cleaner, it’s also brighter and definitely something worth coming home to at the end of the day. Just look at that before and after! If that doesn’t convince you to paint out your garage, nothing will.

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