Our Garage Makeover: Before | AD


When we first moved into our 1980’s house my husband and I went with “quick wins” like replacing the green carpets and painting the rooms and trim throughout. This immediately made the home feel more us, but I feel like we haven’t made as much progress since. This is probably because the projects that are left are more time consuming and definitely not easy on the budget.


So while most of the rooms in our house are at least liveable (though surely not completely done), the one space that truly lagged behind was our garage. We’d barely touched it and it was a horrible reminder of the peachy shades the previous home owner had used throughout the house.

Despite my husband’s dream of transforming it into his engineering man cave (and pretty home for our cars), the garage became a dumping ground for EVERYTHING (like the wall mounted heaters that the previous owner placed throughout the house). It also houses his windsurfing gear, our old paints collection (which we’ll cull) and some yet to be completed home upgrades.

When Prominent Paints approached me to work on a project to show you just how paint can transform a room, I knew the garage would be the perfect example. Al it really needs is some organisation, a deep clean and a lick of paint in colours that matched our home’s aesthetics.

Partnering with a local company like Prominent Paints was an easy decision. They have a good track record with over 35 years in the industry and a wide range of quality paint products to suit all our needs. Although we have reasonable experience and knowledge when it comes to painting furniture and walls, we needed to consult experts on how to approach the garage floor.  The staff at Prominent Paint’s Cape Gate centre were friendly and could recommend a suitable product for use on our garage floor.


Although epoxy is a popular option because of its durability, we were keen to explore other options that wouldn’t be as time consuming without sacrificing the paint’s longevity. Our consultant, Wade, recommended a Prominent Paints product called Stoep Enamel that also provides a durable glossy surface similar to epoxy paints without the fuss. It comes in a variety of neutral shades and we chose a mid-tone grey. Wade also explained how we should go about cleaning the floors and the application process for this paint (will be explained in the next post).

So with our products on order, we’ve made a list of what needs to happen to completely transform our space:

  • Seal garage door with foam strips.
  • Sort through the garage content and make a trip to the dump site.
  • Defog the garage (a spider-free space is non-negotiable).
  • Move ladder hooks to the left-hand side of the garage (so that we can comfortably get to the driver side of the car).
  • Create hanging space for garden tools.
  • Paint walls glossy white.
  • Paint back door in grey enamel.
  • Replace sponge on both passenger and driver side of the wall.
  • Clean oil stains on garage floor.
  • Paint garage floor (two coats).
  • Indicate on wall where car needs to stop.

We were lucky in that, although the previous home owner had some questionable taste in paint colours (maybe just not to our tastes), she had some great storage solutions installed. Some of the old kitchen cabinets were moved into the garage (we just relocated it), there were a few wall hooks installed and the sponge on the walls has really saved our car doors in this narrow garage. All of these will definitely stay in some way, shape or form.

If you have been thinking of painting your garage floor, we’ll run you through the steps and show the end results as soon as it is completed.

I’m really looking forward to the end results of our makeover, as the garage is to us what the foyer is to guests – the first room you encounter as you enter the house. As that, it really should set the (right) tone!

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