My Top 10 Home Stores in Cape Town

20160520_162359_1471208149368So as you guys might know, Ryno and I have been in our first home for just over a year now. And I have to admit, I love decorating it but am nowhere near done! Whilst we don’t own everything that we want yet, we have a pretty good idea of where to find it when our ship comes in. So I thought I’d share my favourite home stores where we get everything from the perfect white sheets to inspiration (and leave dreaming about winning the lottery).  So without further adieu, here are the top ten spots you just have to pop in to when dreaming up your perfect home.


1. @Home

Found in most malls across the country, @Home is great for everything from the basics to trendy furniture pieces and is one of the easiest shops to find. We have bought a shedload of kitchen and dining essentials from them, but they also have very attractive drink trolleys (which are incredibly impractical with kittens) and metallic side tables. This marble and copper coffee table gave me really big heart eyes and I almost forgot myself. But we need one with a shelf underneath and brass rather than copper. Luckily we found the perfect dining table there and it came in nicely under budget. Seriously, find a big furtniture store and loose yourself!

2. Country Road Home

Not everything is always my jam, but there is always something that really tickles my fancy. I’ll credit their brilliant marble collection and beautiful bedding for being so darn attractive. Of course the strong monochromatic colour scheme always attracts me and there has never been a grey knit that hasn’t left me wanting more.

3. Superbalist

I’ll repeat that I am not big into online shopping – it is that whole tactile thing; but when I am in the mood for some serious screen candy then their site is the one I gravitate towards most often. We have bought a few prints from them and have been really impressed. They also have a good selection of trendy accessories and support local designers.


4. H&M Home

H&M Home is my first stop when looking for cool accessories like trays and new pillow covers. They do such a great variety with all the latest trends at really affordable prices. Most of the time I could go crazy, but I have to keep my witts about me and not buy all the pretty things that we don’t need. I usually suss things out by browsing online before heading in store. This is a great tip to apply to a few budget and home accessories stores.

5. Mr Price Home

If any of these stores was going to be divisive, I think it would be Mr Price Home. I have always been a strong proponent of prioritising quality above a good bargain. But in saying that, price isn’t always a good indication of the quality. I keep an eye on their online store, but am aware that their pictures can be somewhat misleading. It is always best to go instore and asses the quality for yourself. I also get a few basics from them on a regular basis – think monochromatic dish towels and kitchen utensils. I was however very surprised to find my dressing table there for a great price. It is all about keeping an eye out and being patient.

6. Sofaworx

As the name would suggest, this is where we bought our couch. I love the fact that they have a really wide variety of options available, and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for – their couches are almost fully customisable! We could be picky about the fabric and size and no-one ever shut us down by mentioning anything about “imports” or their “supplier”. We picked our sofa up from their local warehouse and couldn’t be happier with the service and quality.


7. Weylandts

This is one of those places that often leaves us wishing that we could win the lottery, as the prices can be astronomical! They do however have some really awesome pieces ranging from petrified wood side tables to hand made cabinets. I definitely don’t want everything in there, but I always leave feeling so inspired and see things which I would never have imagined! So for that alone it is worth a visit. The Kitchen is also a really cool breakfast spot – if hubby needs some convincing.

8. LIM

Less really is more when your furniture are as attractive as their pieces. I really appreciate all their sleek metal pieces like this coffee table. As a bonus, most of their pieces are fairly affordable and good quality. I also have my eye on some side tables and beautiful lighting.


9. Block & Chisel/LOFTLIVING

Also making the cut for their heart-eyed emoji inducing furniture, the LoftLiving/Block & Chisel store in Kloof street has long been the stuff my dreams are made of. They have a good combination of classic pieces with more contemporary accessories, although I like a more eclectic mix of styles.

10. Loads of Living

If you are going to invest in good bedding, you have to stop by Loads of Living. This is where I found out that there is more than one type of Egyptian cotton and that thread count isn’t everything! They also have a great selection of quality scatter cushions with feather inners – so hard to find nowadays!

If you are looking for more ideas, you should also consider OfLocal’s list of the best home decor stores in Cape Town. We are truly spoilt for choice!

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