LA Girl Pro BB Cream Review

DSC_4045So I finally broke down of six months (yup, that was half a year!) and started wearing foundation again. I blame the cold winter air for drying out my skin and making it look extra blotchy and red. I remember looking into the bathroom mirror one day at work and rushing over to the MAC counter during lunch just to get something on my face, I was that embarrassed!

Anyhow so my search for the ultimate foundation began. I’ve tried a bunch and although I really liked the L’Oreal Lumi Magique one I raved about here, it is no longer available in SA and finding my shade was always a real B anyway. So I moved on, tried a few from MAC that were too drying and was about to give up when I saw that my local Dischem had a few shades of the much hyped about LA Girl Pro BB Cream. I bought the shade Fair and it is a pretty decent match, although it is so sheer that you could make a slightly mis-matched shade also work.

DSC_4048At R60 it would be unfair to expect too much from this, but it does pretty much do exactly what I’d want from a BB cream. The coverage is, as you’d expect, very light but it does make my skin look more even and it sinks in to become almost invisible. Even on close inspection I can’t see it sticking to my peach fuzz. It does however stick around for quite a while, which is great. My favourite part however is that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and irritated! My skin is very dry and sensitive, but I never feel like I have something on my skin that needs to come off immediately and when I do remove it my skin doesn’t feel as parched as with many other foundations and BB creams.

So far the only down sides are that it is a B to get a hold of your shade as they are notoriously out of stock and it does look like it is giving me mild breakouts – this might just be hormonal, so I will keep on trying it. In any case it is nothing serious.

All in all this is a great BB cream and even if you prefer a full coverage product during the week, I think this makes a great product for weekends and even “no-makeup” make-up looks. For the price, I’d definitely repurchase.

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