Life Update


I feel slightly guilty writing this post, as I have been absent for longer than I intended to be. To be honest, I have completely failed in the blogging department. I haven’t even uploaded some of the beautiful pictures I have to share on Instagram!

I have been busier than usual at work, having taken on extra responsibilities including creating and launching a new website. It has been rewarding, but has also meant that when I finally step into my home I don’t want to see a computer screen! 

This past weekend we went up to Gauteng for our friends’ wedding and caught up with family in the process.

Our first stop was the recently renovated Tashas at Nelson Mandela Square, followed by a visit to the Mall of Africa for some sweet treats at Krispy Kreme, where they hilariously misspelled my name  (view and laugh along here). I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed at the Zara Home as it felt a little bit sparse and the collections were a bit disjointed.

In Pretoria we did a proper coffee crawl, ending at The Village in Hazelwood. This is such a cool concept, I can’t wait for something similar to start popping up in the northern suburbs. We enjoyed some freshly roasted coffee and cake at Spout, which I’d highly recommend.

Unfortunately all good things has to end and we flew back late on Sunday evening, with our hearts and bellies full!

Now that things are returning to normal, I hope to bring you more content soon.

Hope everyone has a lovely and productive week!



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