June Favourites


I hope everyone has been enjoying the month so far! I know, I know, this is seriously late! But in all fairness, I do feel like June is only starting now. Anyone else feel like May just wouldn’t come to an end? (No? Just me!?) Anyways I am finally getting around to telling you what has me excited for the second half of June! Hint: It is not the weather!

I can’t tell you how excited I am that frayed jeans are back in fashion! Sure it is a nod to the 90’s, but it is a good one isn’t it!? As someone who always has to shorten her pants (sadly even cropped ones drape on the floor) this has me really excited! I also might style my winter dress sans tights just before the weather takes a complete dip. I love the contrast in bare legs and long sleeves.

I am trying to find a way to make things around the washing up area less of an eye sore and the rail idea (check Kate la Vie’s blog for a more impressive version) looks amazing. I wonder if I can convince my husband to do the drilling?

Speaking about eyesores, annoyingly our livingroom is fitted with two of the most ugly sconces. To make matters even worse, they aren’t centre and I haven’t spotted a viable option for replacing them. These sconces by Aerin Lauder would look amazing though! As would one of these plush velvet chairs. Le sigh!

As June feels like a really dreary month to me, I’ve decided to share a few pretty things like peonies (lucky you if you live in the northern hemisphere!) and the prettiest bathroom tiles. As I am still a grass widow until the middle of the month, I plan on dining on glorious things like this breakfast-for-dinner French toast. So naughty, but so nice!

What keeps you going during the colder months? Is it chocolate or coffee? 🙂 Hope you make the best of June!

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