27 Random Facts About Me


DSC_3088Last week was my birthday and I still haven’t gotten used to saying that I am now twenty seven. I find approaching thirty a little bit scary, but anyway with age comes a few good things as well! You get to know yourself better each year, you grow more comfortable in your own skin and just like a good wine your music taste matures. I thought it would be fun to commemorate the occasion with 27 random facts about me and at the same time afford you the opportunity to get to know me a little better.

DSC_29271. I am 100% a cat person
Oddly enough I was raised with a dog, but have always favoured cats. Now I don’t even know how to act around dogs!
2. I hated the colour pink for about 2 years
I’ll chalk this up to having pink drapes for far too long. Luckily I’ve since detoxed and now favour a blush tone.
3. I believe everything happens for a reason
This includes the good, bad and the ugly. Sometimes it is just really hard to understand why.
4. I have always had a wicked sweet tooth
I remember attempting to swipe candy from the kitchen. Give me a shout if you remember Click’s “Pick ‘n Mix” counters. Those were the stuff my dreams were made of… who am I kidding? It is still the stuff my dreams are made of!
5. I’m a chronic list maker
I have about ten active lists currently on my phone.
6. I nearly became a lawyer
Actually I bailed for my dream career at a magazine straight after graduating with an LLB.
7. I can’t give someone the middle finger
My index and ring fingers always shoot up as well.
8. Cape Town will always be home
I can’t imagine living anywhere but in Cape Town for more than a year.
9. If I had to live elsewhere for a year it would have to be London
I love the vibe and lifestyle. Plus I appreciate all the great museums and the fact that they speak English.
10. I prefer shopping in stores
Online can be more convenient, but I shop with my hands. It is the best way to asses quality.
Iron Maiden Book of Souls World Tour12. I am a metal head
I still remember the first Iron Maiden song I heard ten years ago, so being able to attend their concert last week was the best birthday gift ever!12. I hate changes, which makes trying new things challenging.
13. I have terrible navigation skills
My husband always jokes that my internal GPS only switches on when I am in a shopping mall, as that is the only time I can navigate.
14. The film I’ve watched the most is “You’ve Got Mail”
Fittingly the book I’ve reread the most is Pride and Prejudice.
15. I am a blowdry girl
It is all about the root lift!
16. I’ve never broken a bone (touch wood!)
I wish I could say the same for my teeth!

17. Does it come in grey?
This pretty much describes my wardobe and home decor! I just can’t get enough of the colour.
18. My favourite scents are all associated with baking
I love the smell of freshly baked bread and cake.
19. I don’t care what car I’m driving
As long as it works! I have the worst luck and have had several breakdowns.
20. I love buying gifts for people
And then of course teasing them about what I got. It is a rare occasion when I manage to keep the secret.
21. I don’t think I’d feel myself with short hair
22. I haven’t worn foundation in 5 months
Just a little bit of concealer leaves my skin so much happier.
23. I am a night owl
It is way past my bedtime already!
24. I am an introvert
Luckily this has also gotten better as I’ve grown older.
25. My favourite Cadbury slab is Milk Chocolate and Biscuits
26. Paris and Croatia are next on my travel bucket list
I have ticked off Italy although I’d love to return and visit the Amalfi Coast one day.
27. Ich bin ein nerd
Yup that is a IT Crowd reference, ’nuff said am I right!? 

I’d love to get to know you guys better as well! Drop me a few weird or unusual facts about yourself in the comment section below!

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