Home Update


Hello everyone, I feel like I haven’t given you a proper home update since I showed you my striped wall DIY way back. Since then things have been progressing a lot slower than I initially thought it would, so you really haven’t missed out on much.

One of the biggest reasons for things going slowly has been finances. Getting married and buying your first home all in the same year has really taken its toll financially. And although we were really lucky to get to move out with a lot of our childhood furniture and be able to loan some stuff from our family, I was growing increasingly tired of having everything looking missmatched and some of the things were just tired and well past their expiration date.

First up, my mum gave me her old tv cabinet which was stained in a dark wood. Since the floors and table already didn’t match, we decided to paint the classic cabinet. We used Annie Sloan in Paris Grey (a little disappointing texture wise, incredibly frustrating painting wise) and it ended up being almost an exact match for our walls which helps it blend away and feel less dominating despite the fact that it is currently the largest piece in the living area.

In our bedroom there are two main culprits, one being the missmatching nightstands and the other my yellowing dressing table (featuring remnants of my youth in the form of Barbie stickers, circa 1995). As I like things to be a little eclectic, I knew I wanted a modern white vanity and more classic oak nightstands. I’d been eyeing up the Ikea Malm dresser from Nevada but just before it came back in stock spotted this at my local Mr Price Home. I never imagined I’d buy furniture from them, but the quality is actually surprisingly good and it has held up nicely for the two months or so that I’ve had it.

And finally, this past weekend we finally comitted to dining room chairs! We were uhmming and ahhing for far too long. We really wanted upholstered chairs in a lighter fabric, but it was nearly impossible to find the right height for our formal dining table that fit our budget. Then there also was the fact that anything upholstered wouldn’t be too practical as we frequently host dinners which can get messy and our cats would love the additional scratching posts. I’ve always had ghost chairs in the back of my mind, but conving my husband was easier said than done. Eventually I had him sample the comfort and combined with a good price, we took the plunge. I couldn’t be happier as it really does make a massive difference in our living/dining room. The space feels tidier, lighter and more spacious. I could have saved myself a lot of website hunting/dreaming-of-things-which-were-out-of-our-price-range!

Next on the list are three bigger purchases, which might have to wait a while as we try to de-mould our bathroom (which is a process and a post for another time). We both have a fair collection of books, justifying my dream of a Beauty and the Beast-style library bookshelf. I am currently dreaming of this, but it is almost ten times what we can afford to spend. So I’ll keep on dreamin’! We also want to replace my yellowing nightstand and his coffee-stained nightstand with something classic that we’ll love for ages. Ideally it would come with a matching drawer and all be available for less than 10k. A girl can dream right!


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