March Favourites

I’m trying very hard not to focus on how fast this year is blowing by, and rather trying to take it one week at a time and try to squeze in as much of what I love as I can. I was feeling a little bleh last month and didn’t blog for about two weeks – each time I thought of powering up my laptop after work my eyes started twitching. Luckily it was nothing that a little break couldn’t cure and I’m really looking forward to March.

As the weather cools slightly I’m hoping to score more kitty cuddles! As Coco and Hazel have grown older, they’ve become more and more loving. I’m also going to get a tonne of wear out of my new breton striped top from yesterday’s post and look forward to styling it in interesting ways. I’m also hunting the perfect black ankle boots: comfortable, affordable and stylish. And definitely no suede. I learnt my lesson last year!

Avos are also finally back in season and although I’ve already stocked up this past weekend I’m looking forward to weekend brunches with egg on avo toast – my favourite! I’m not ready to switch up my beauty routine yet (I’ve been going sans foundation since the start of the year and my skin is loving it!) but I would like to try a few different hair styles. This messy and twisty side plait from Gal Meets Glam is easy enough and appropriate for the day time. I’m also loving the idea of adding simple skinny black ribbon. I think it’ll look great with my breton.

As we are still saving for the massive bathroom renovation and a possible trip later this year, the process of decorating our home has been slightly stagnant. However I’d love to finally find the perfect turquoise velvet cushions for our living room, I love this art on Etsy and we’re finally going to pay a little attention to the small courtyard we’re looking out on from the kitchen. It would be the perfect spot for a potted lollipop tree and some herbs. Whilst at the nursery we might also pick up a few herbs. Our parsley didn’t last and I recently had to remove our celery as it grew too large and the stalks became very hard. So our garden will also be receiving a mini overhaul in the next month.

What are you looking forward to in March? If you’re a South African resident, I’d like to encourage you to make sure you are registered to vote in the upcoming elections. The IEC will be setting up registration stations all over the country in March, so be sure to check out when and where you can register. I hope you all have a wonderful month and I look forward to sharing a selection of my favourite recipes over the coming month.

Much love,


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