Monochromatic Haul: Woolworths & Mr Price

Fashion haul

I’m back after a short blogging break, which allowed my eyes to catch a much-needed break (I also scaled back on my Netflix addiction). I made my way to the Woolworths sale this weekend and couldn’t wait to share my bargains with you.

The first thing that caught my eye was this black and white breton which I’d been contemplating for a while as I’m replacing some of my older stripes. This one has a looser fit and long sleeves which makes it the perfect winter closet staple. At just a R110 it was a steal (use your Woolworths My School card for a further 10% discount).

My shoe closet is in desperate need of an overhaul, with some obvious gaps and almost everything in it desperately needing replacement. I have been on the lookout for a comfortable mid-heel sandal for work and had been eyeing this from Aldo, but couldn’t bring myself to make the R600 purchase. These bowed heels from Woolworths might not be as sleek, but it is easily as comfortable and fits the bill at a third of the price.Mr Price sunglasses

Mr Price can always be relied on for affordable fashion and I love keeping an eye on their website for potential bargains. This hat might not be the most practical purchase (thanks to the Cape South Easter) but I appreciate it’s ability to hide a bad hair day and make me feel like a fashionable bad-ass. I also bought these cat eye sunglasses to keep in my car and really like the fading tortoiseshell pattern.

This is funny time of the year to be shopping, with summer sales and the first autumn/winter collections slowly making their way into the store, but I don’t think I can complain. Have you made any amazing sale buys lately?


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