February Favourites

For many, February is the month of love. For Capetonians, February is the month we try not to melt. It means that ice cream is a more suitable Valentines gift than chocolates (although who can resist to do so anyway) and spending time outdoors isn’t always advisable.

As we’re on the topic of love, I’ve been dreaming about far-away destinations in France of late. This pink cafe will be filed away for one day. Planning and gathering information on destinations helps to keep me content until I next board a plane.

In an attempt to eat more veggies, I’ve tried zuchinni noodles a few times in January and actually find that I quite like it. This simple zuchini noodles, tomatoes and basil recipe is one of my favourite lunches. I wouldn’t mind having these pretty copper cutlery to enjoy it with. Another promise I’ve made myself, is to invest more time and money in reading and collecting books I love.

As the temperatures soar, blowdrying my hair is nearly impossible without melting. So cute, messy do’s like the twisty one above is my favourite.

I can’t wait to show you my new vanity, but I first need to organise the massive drawers. These brass and glass containers are so beautiful, although slightly impractical.

As for Valentines day, you already know that my approach is less than traditional but I think breakfast in bed can be the ultimate display of love. I also can’t resist any excuse for a cute lace dress (white for summer) and heels with bows. Valentine’s day outfit sorted.

I hope you have a wonderful February!


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