Festive Home

DSC_2212Although our home is far from done and we still have a tone of decorating to do, I couldn’t resist indulging in a bit of festive decor for our home. Our home isn’t the biggest, so our Christmas touches are mostly restricted to our openplan dining/livingroom. It is also where we’ll be hosting a few Christmas parties so we’ve put out a few festive treats for our guests (but REALLY they’re for us). And I love the finished result! We’ve gone for a classic, metallic look that isn’t to over the top. Since our decor collection is quite small at the moment, there are definitely a few pieces (like a reef) that I would like to add, but maybe next year.

How are you adding festive touches to your home? Do you even consider it or is a tree enough in your books? My final festive post is coming your way next week, so I hope you have a great time spent with loved ones in the last few days leading up to Christmas. x


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  • I love your simple touch of metallic in your decor. I am a big fan of the Christmas season and can’t get enough. Even though I have a small appartment, I have my festive candles lit, real tree up and decorated with a white and rose gold/copper theme, and my satin advent calendar along with stockings hung. I also have a few festive blog posts on festive decor you may want to check out.