Home Decor Trend: Velvet


If you’d have enquired about my thoughts on velvet two weeks ago, I would’ve been completely indifferent. The only velvet associations I had are red stage drapes from my ballet days and a faded love seat that a friend had in her bedroom. Not exactly the stuff dreams are made of! But Pinterest is a magical place!pink

To my surprise however I realised that I have developed a full-blown crush on the rich fabric over the last two weeks. I noticed it starting to crop up in my Pinterest feed and slowly realised that it doesn’t have to be granny-chic. I love how velvet can add a classic touch to an otherwise modern room without being too over the top. I think it also pair beautifully with other textures like rough linens and bouclé.


I briefly considered getting someting upholstered in velvet, but I think I’m going to play it safe and get a few velvet throw pillows for our couch. Now if only I can decide on a colour.

Have you come around to velvet lately or is this one trend you’re stearing clear of?



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