DIY Pinecone Decorations


In the first post of my Christmas series-thingy, I’ll be showing you how I made these pinecone decorations. It is so easy, I probably shouldn’t even call it a tutorial, but that is my forte! I’ll show you how I did it just incase you were wondering!

Considering how quick and easy it was, I am really impressed by how good it looks. It also happened to be the perfect addition to my all gold Christmas tree.


Instead of using hot glue, which I just find terribly unreliable as the one minute it sits and the next you might as well have never used it, I decided to use a thread and needle. All the pinecones I found still had a piece of wood protruding from the top which attached it to the tree, so I decided to use that to fix my ribbon to.

I cut 30 cm of ribbon for each pinecone and sealed the ends with a candle. Then I folded each piece in half, and tied it to make the top loop about 5 cm long. After that I made bows over the original knot making sure to twist and turn the ribbon for perfect bows. The final step was to tie the ribbon to the pinecones with a thread and needle. I simply wrapped my thread around the aforementioned stick at the top and then threaded it through the ribbon.

9. Christmas prep

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