November Favourites

November marks the start of my favourite season with the festivities usually starting early in my home! The first usually kicks off some Christmas tree decor. This is my first Christmas since moving out of my parents home, so I am finally starting my own Christmas decor collection. It is growing slowly but surely!

Ryno and I have four different garden roses planted in our backyard (one didn’t make it) and they are finally blooming at the same time. It really does look magical and I love the scents from the roses and herbs when working in the garden. Sometimes I even imagine that it is what it must be like to be a nose for a fragrance house – not that I’d ever know! This summer is marked to be the hottest one in a while, so I plan on taking plenty of picnics (probably not dressed like a lady) in nearby parks.

The weahter is also why I took advantage of Woolworth’s take 30% off special when you buy two dresses, and bought my first maxi dress. For years I believed that my length meant they’d look horrible on me, but it actually kinda doesn’t so I bought one!

We’re also starting to focus on the details in our living room, which includes our gallery wall. It might still take a while (we’re sooo into taking baby steps and running multiple projects at the same time) but it has me excited. (P.S. How pretty is GalMeetsGlam’s living room!? A little girly to my taste, but very pretty indeed!)

Along the lines of tackling multiple home projects, the bathroom reno which has been in the works since we moved is finally getting our full attention. Again, it will probably still take a while but it has me really excited. I’d also like to introduce you to Coco and Hazel, our munchkin-american shorthair kittens joining our family later this week. Unfortunatley at this stage I only have blurry pics (so the above one is of a cute kitty I found on Pinterest) but expect to see an influx of kitty pictures soon! Our home has been feeling empty until now.

Finally, we’re getting back to Christmas and festivities. As it is my favourite holiday ever and my favourite time of the year, I’m having a mini Christmas take-over. Over the next 8 weeks you’ll find at least one Christmas post per week. I’ll still be posting regular content inbetween, so if you’re not into Santa don’t worry and bear in mind that time flies! Christmas is starting a little early for us with our first Christmas lunch in a few weeks time. I said I’ll bring dessert and currently these Baked alaskas are tempting me. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, a baked Alaska should still have you salivating!

I hope you have an awesome November and if you find yourself in the southern hemisphere enjoy the start of summer!


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