Pre-wedding Skincare Routine


I guess we all want the perfect skin always, but the pressure is really on when you’ve invested in an expensive photographer to capture multiple shots of you on your wedding day (or any other day for that matter)!

In general I haven’t got serious problems with my skin, but that being said my skin is far from perfect and I wanted to inch it a little closer to that if possible. Generally my skin is dry and sensitive and lately it has also been lacking in the glow department (thanks to fewer zzz’s) and on the whole it was looking a little dull. Whilst I’ve decided to leave my redness (possible rosacea) to the makeup artist to deal with, I knew I could tackle the previously mentioned concerns.

The first product I added to my daily wash-and-go routine was the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to ensure that I do remove all the impurities. Although it is great for removing makeup, I prefer using it post-cleanse just to ensure my skin feels extra clean. It also makes it feel smoother and ready for the next step in my routine.

I recently started following this with a healthy dose of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. I only have a trial size of this product and although it delivers a fair amount of moisture, I still feel the need to follow this up with my Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil which packs a punch in the moisture departure. Together these leave my skin feeling soft and plump the next morning. I’m not sure that I would purchase a full size of this product as I’m not yet convinced it delivers what my skin needs, but it is a nice step to have (although not for the price). The Body Shop Vitamin E oil on the other end has become a firm favourite of mine.

I’ve also started applying a moisturising eye cream in an attempt to banish my persistent dark circles. The hope is to save my undereye area from a tonne of corrector and concealer. This doesn’t completely eliminate the problem, but does reduce the appearance.

The final product is my skincare splurge – the Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial. I’ve always been a fan of Clinique’s Turnaround range and this particular mask left a big imprint on my memory from when I first tried it years ago. They compare it to microdermabration and whilst I’ve never had that treatment I will venture to say that it probably isn’t nearly as intense. This is a great alternative to regular physical exfoliation as the two-fold product does leave my skin feeling super smooth and clean. I think it also deserves credit for stopping a nasty spot rearing its big ugly nose.


On the whole my skin feels smoother and plumper and definitely ready to glow. Now I just have to focus on not tripping down the aisle!

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