October Favourites: My upcoming wedding

wedding updateSomeone at work recently asked whether I’ll be sharing anything of my wedding on social media, only to realise that I have kept quiet without exactly intending to! Whilst I don’t want to share every last detail with everyone, I think there are a few things that might be of interest to some of you- whether you simply love weddings or are planning one yourself.

I have to confess, doing all of the planning yourself can at times become slightly overwhelming and stressful, but nothing that a cup of coffee and a good planning session can’t cure!

So without further adieu, please enjoy our wedding mood board above! We have chosen a soft palette with natural greys, nudes and blushes punctuated with peony pink and gold. I want there to be lots of love, gold chandeliers courtesey of our beautiful reception venue and smiles.

Unfortunately things don’t always go as you want it too and it looks like peonies won’t be avaialable for another few weeks, so we’re making alternative arrangements. You just have to roll with it! I am also planning a post on finding the perfect dress, which I’ll share after the wedding.

Please bear with me as I go a little MIA over the next two weeks! You’re welcome to follow along on Instagram and Facebook as you might catch a few glimpses of what we’re up to. In general I view those channels as an extension of my blog and often share a little more there.

Have a lovely October!

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