Shopgirl Find: Prestwich Collection

lights_shopgirlAs many of you might know, I am not the biggest fan of online shopping. It rarely gets me as excited about the products and I am a touchy-feely shopper (high-five if you are too!) who likes to feel, touch and examine products before I hand over my hard earned cash (or credit card in the online world). When I saw a post from Prestwich pop into my newsfeed I however instantly experienced that excitement usually only associated with seeing something pretty in real life.

Not only is their online collection beautifully curated with an distinctive aesthetic which I really relate to, their brand is strong and their unique pieces beautifully styled and photographed. I can’t yet comment on the quality of their pieces (a purchase is imminent), but they promise that each piece has been hand selected and is of high-quality. From the pictures, it sure looks like it!

11990435_1647160648835183_5018933661822296732_nThey stock a variety of lifestyle items, all absolutely gorgeous, but I am particularly drawn to their homeware and stationery collections. The first item that drew my attention has to be their marble and copper lamps. It is a blogger’s biggest weakness, right? They have a variety of designs to suit all your needs, so definitely take a look here.

I also really like their desk accessories (marble hexagon paperweight, anyone?), a gold polkadot letter holder really drew my attention. Now I just need to convince my fiance that it would be perfect in our entryway.

And if that isn’t enough, their paper┬ásection is totally drool worthy! As an added bonus they stock one of my favourite local designers, Seven Swans along with several other local talents.

I already feel so overwhelmed that I don’t know what to purchase! You can check out their online collection here. Do you have anything to add to my lust list?

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