Tips on planting a succulent in a container without drainage holes


When Ryno and I just moved into our home a good friend of mine gifted us our first house greenery. And whilst I’m happy to report that the plant has survived the first few months, I can’t say the same of the plant holder. It was time for a change and I had just the thing- this lovely candle holder from @home.

Unfortunately the candle holder doesn’t have any drainage holes and succulents generally don’t like too much moisture. To work around it, I’ve taken a few steps that will hopefully help keep the roots dry and the plant healthy.

First I made sure to place a good 2 cm of stones at the bottom of the container as any excess water will drain there. It also helps that the container is slightly larger than the plant, leaving lots of room for water to drain away from the roots. Finally I make sure to stick to the watering schedule (for this one it is only one tablespoon every two weeks). I did water it right after replanting to help it retain any moisture lost in the repotting process, but stuck to the one tablespoon rule.

I hope this will help you choose some creative plant holders that weren’t necessarily created as such! And let me know if you have any other tips and tricks I can implement to promote plant health.DSC_1306

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