September Favourites

Time for another monthly favourites, this time only one day late (it is the small victories). I thought I’d once again corral together everything I’m looking forward to this month, with a few things of next month as I don’t know wheter I’ll have time to blog so close to my wedding!

The wedding is the main reason why my month will be filled with peonies, gold glitter and lots of tulle! I feel like I should break into song, “…these are a few of my favourite things.” But I’ll save your ears.

I’ve really been trying to get back into running three to four times a week, but it has been really hard. So instead I’ve been doing yoga with Adriene. Trust me, if you’ve ever tried yoga videos before but found the instructor irritating, then you should really try her videos. I’ll link her Youtube channel here. Along the line of living a healthier life, we recently bought a blender/smoothie machine and I’ve been whipping up the most delicious smoothies. I can’t wait for summer berries!

This summer I’m also really looking forward to incorporating indigo into my closet. I’m not known for my colourful wardrobe choices, but something about blue and white is so effortlessly chic. I can just imagine overlooking the sunset in Greece (and matching the surrounds). If I could I would totally order the dress Gal Meets Glam was wearing in France.

We’re also gearing it up in the home department. We just ordered our couch from Sofaworx and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I’m dreaming of all the ways in which we can incorporate a bookcase and right now I’m loving the idea of a white Kallax against a charcoal wall.

On a side note I can’t wait for H&M to open in the V&A Waterfront. I’ve already got a mental shopping list (captured here).

So if things get a little quiet here over the next month, please think of me as I’m probably snowed under golden glitter finalising wedding arangements.

I hope everyone enjoys the start of spring/autumn! The change of the season is such a magical time.

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