Woolworths Sale

Scalloped Lace Black Dress from Woolworths

Hi guys, just quickly popping in to remind you (if you live under a rock!) that the Woolies sale is on at the moment and there are some amazing finds! I always like to wait for the initial buzz (similar to a feeding frenzy) to die down before I head in there. I might miss out on some of the best finds, but honestly I just am not that desperate (It is a total different story if you’ve had your eye on something for a while though!)

Anyway I went in there today and I scored this scalloped, black lace dress for less than half of what it was two months ago and it is such a classic pretty piece I couldn’t pass it up. More on that soon, but there were also a bunch of pretty tops and other dresses. Now obviously depending on where you shop and your size you might be lucky and score a whole wardrobe. I was there during lunch, saw a bunch of stuff I liked and didn’t want to do the queue. Went back later and only found the dress. So wear your comfy shoes and bring extra patience. And don’t think you’ll wait or come back for something…

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