Mauritius in a Nutshell

Mauritius jetty Le MeridienThis post has been hovering in my drafts literally for months! I got the opportunity to visit Mauritius with Starwood Hotels and Air Mauritius late last year, during the Mauritian summer, and loved absolutely every minute of it!

I had never had an island holiday before and being used to the cold, windy beaches in Cape Town I really looked forward to the prospect of a warm, calm beach. And Mauritius did not disappoint!

Our first stop was the St Regis hotel where we learned how to Sabre a chilled bottle of champagne and sipped on their signature Bloody Mary’s. The hotel is located on the southern tip of the island with the beautiful Mount Le Morne creating the perfect backdrop for a few dramatic shots.

Although the southern tip of the island is famous for its wind and kite surfing (we only had a light breeze whilst there), they should also mention the star gazing. This is probably the furthest away I had been from a big city and when the sun went down the whole night sky lit up with the Milky Way. It was definitely a highlight!

The other highlight of the trip was a bucklist experience. I had always wanted to go snorkeling in crystal clear water and we grabbed the first opportunity at The Westin Turtle Bay to do exactly so. A glass bottomed boat took us out to the reef where all 10 of us dropped into the water to go explore. The clarity makes it look deceptively shallow so everything felt so close, but in reality we had gone to one of the deeper parts where the reef is least damaged. I saw so many amazing sea life, but I will never forget the entire school of fish that swam right by me. Somehow my fear of fish swimming into me completely disappeared and I was just left amazed. This is definitely something I would have done every day if I had the opportunity to.

I can’t stress enough how friendly all the Mauritian people were! Whenever someone hears that it is your first time visiting you get a shot of rum and the few that picked up that I was Afrikaans always burst out in song.

The food was absolutely amazing at all the resorts we stayed at, but special mention has to go to the Le Meridien who served us crayfish and a prawn that matched it in size! I was in seafood heaven. Oh and I also didn’t mind those custard filled French toast at the St Regis. It ruined me for life!

If given the opportunity, I’d go back in a wink (with more bikinis!)!

Special mention has to go to The Holiday Factory and for arranging this great break.

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