August Favourites

Hello August (a few days late)!

August is always the coldest, wettest month in Cape Town. It is also the best time to enjoy a hike. I’m fortunate enough to live close to a wonderful nature reservse which I only recently started exploring. I look forward to spending a weekend or two there every month from now. Nothing beats getting in touch with nature whilst also getting your daily dose of excercise.

Our place is slowly but surely coming together. We are still lacking in some big pieces of furniture, but every week we get closer to settling on the perfect layout for our living room. We just have to make room for a wall library. Which brings me to my reads for the month. I haven’t had the energy for tackling a new novel the past couple of weeks, and have instead reverted back to reading old favourites like Pride & Prejudice (for the millionth time).

This year I’m getting ahead of things and starting the hunt for the perfect sandals before the first day above 25C.

I’m also seriously gathering and filing inspiration pics for our upcoming wedding (nearing the two-month count down!) for everything from my haircut to signage.

If these last two months are anything to go by, I’ll be a Mrs in no time!

What are you looking most forward to this month?

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